Monday, July 30, 2007

Just wanted to let you know we are safe and sound in Nashville! Our 3 hour trip was very long. 10 minutes in Nick was already asking if we were here yet. We made it on half tank of gas, but made 3 stops to use the restroom. Oh well traveling with kids.

Our room is awesome (as the kids say). It is two rooms with a frig, microwave and living room. The couch is a pull out and the bedroom has a king size bed. At least if we all end up in it we will have enough room. Looks like we are going to try Nashville shores water park, the zoo and hit Oprymills mall and there is another mall right by our hotel that looks nice. It should be plenty to keep us busy until friday.

The weekend was great! Nick had his last ball game. He got his trophy and that made him very happy. We also spent time with Lauren, Emily, Don, and Vicki. The kids had a blast playing at Gattiland and Grandmas.

My leg is doing good. I will be glad when the 9th gets here and I can officially walk. It feels great and I can do almost everything. I have full range of motion. I can even move it in a circle. I think I am doing pretty good for 21 days out.

I forgot the camera in the van and John had to take it so I will take pictures tonight and update tomorrow. That is all that is going on here.

9 days until Aunt Carol gets here.
14 days until school starts.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ok here are the "much anticipated" pictures. Of course they are not as good as they would be if I had my new camera, but at least they are pictures.

1st cast
The kids being happy! The moon boot!

The air cast!

The last one is what I am in now. I will probably be in this the rest of the time. I am doing good. It feels much better everyday. We are almost through week 3 and into week 4. Whoo hoo! Don and Vicki will be here fri. night. The kids can't wait to play with Lauren and Emily. We are leaving on Monday to go to Nashville for the week with John. He has another 5 day conference and after the San Diego trip I'm not staying with Nick by myself. We are talking about going to a water park Wednesday afternoon. This conference is weird bc John has 3 half days and 2 full days. So he will get to spend time with us. Our family vacation for this year. It will be fun and I'm just glad I'm getting to go.

We are counting down to the start of school. I just realized tonight that we are down to 2 weeks from Monday. Whew I can't believe it. Caroline told me tonight that she would still "like" me after she goes to school. So grown up acting.

That is about all that is going on here. I'm glad to be taking care of my family again and I know John is too. It feels good.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Another good day here! Nick's dentist apt. went great this morning. All is good from his fall. Just needs to have his teeth cleaned.

Then, John and the kids took me to take the paraeducator test. I passed! Whoo hoo! Now I just need to send my resume in and wait to hear. The math was very hard for someone who has been out of school for 15 years. That new math is going to be a challenge when the kids start doing homework.

Oh yes they have 3 weeks before school starts. Whew where did the summer go?????Oh yeah I know in the creek with my camera and leg!

My leg is feeling better today. I can put some weight on it even though I'm not supposed to. I had to try it out. Ok.Ok.Ok stop lecturing me! I'm not walking on it even though I want to so bad. So no one needs to call to yell at me. I think I might have tennis arms when I get off these crutches. Ok that is all that is going on here. I don't have time to post pics tonight. I will tomorrow.

Love ya all!

PS Aunt Carol will be here in 17days!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Great day!

Today has been a good day! I stayed with the kids by myself this morning while John enjoyed a well earned golf game. Then I cleaned the living room and bedroom up "from my wheelchair". It has come in so handy. I'm glad we rented it.

I also have quite a bit more range of motion in my foot. Yes I'm allowed to take it out of the cast and move it 3 times a day. It is not hurting as bad and feeling more stable. Whoo Hoo!

That is about all that is going on here. We take Nick back to dentist for check up from his fall and then I'm going to take the paraeducator test at the school board. I am trying to get a job as a teaching assistant at the kids school. Pray I pass...the math is a booger!!!!!!!!!! This new math is crazy. It has taken John and me both to figure it out.

I'll update again tomorrow.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Maybe our luck is changing!

Great news from today. I had my re-scan and the blood clot is stationary and has not moved. The tech told me today that it was not going anywhere. Whoo Hoo...Thank you LORD. The little bit of trouble breathing I had she thought was nerves.

Can you believe we went to the grocery today and still forgot batteries. I can't believe I did that. So still no pictures. Nick had a game this morning and he did great. He got to play pitcher and got 2 outs. He did get called out at 1st base for the first time. He did great!

Other than that we went to hospital for test, grocery, and to dinner tonight. Trying to get the kids to bed now. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! 2 weeks down....2 to go!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Quick update. I had to go to dr yesterday for pain in my calf muscle. After a long morning we found out I have a blood clot in a secondary vein in my leg. I have to go back tomorrow for another scan to see if it has moved. If it has i will be admitted for a couple days observation. If it hasn't moved I will continue to take aspirin. I have also been taken out of my hard cast and put in a walking cast. Joy, Joy! I still can't walk on it and am using the crutches, but it is much better than being in the hard cast. melanie took pictures of my leg today so they will probably be on her blog.

I can't take or post any pictures bc my new camera (that I loved so very much) drowned in the creek with my leg. I finally found the old camera and after taking 2 pictures the batteries died. I have sent John twice to buy some and he keeps forgetting them. So I have a couple of pic when I get batteries.

I sent the new camera back to canon to see if it can be fixed. I don't think so, but we will see. It had a warranty on it, but not sure if it covers water damage. I loved that camera, I loved that camera, I loved that camera. Oh I'm so crying! I'm miserable without a camera. It is something i use everyday. Oh well! I'll let you know what happens.

Melanie, Riley, and Reed came to take care of us today. It was wonderful to hold Reed. He is the sweetest baby. I got to feed him twice whoo hoo! He smiled everytime Nick talked to him or walked by him. We are so thankful to have great friends that take good care of us.

I think that is all for now. I will keep everyone updated and will post pictures as soon as batteries arrive.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


As you can probably tell from the last post I have not been in the best spirits. I didn't realize how much I wouldn't be able to do with a broken leg. I can't even take care of my own kids. (driving me crazy) But I decided today I couldn't just sit around and be depressed for the next 2 weeks.

S0.......I put my bathing suit on today that Dave had to get from the basement for me and hitched a ride with Lesley to the pool. I spent 4 hours laying in a lounge chair with my leg propped up. Not my chair of choice, but works with the broken leg. It is feeling much better today and tonight in bed I can lay on my side without my leg propped up. Whoo hoo. I might get a good nights sleep. 4 days down..... I am hoping bc of the way my leg is feeling I might be able to go into a walking cast on Monday. I would be much happier without the crutches. Plus I would be able to move around better and take care of my family. As you can tell that is very important to me.

To sum it up....the leg is feeling better today. That makes me hopefull I will continue to get better before monday and maybe get a walking cast on Monday. Lots of prayers going up from here for the walking cast. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A quick update! For those of you that don't know....I fell Sunday at the creek in l'burg and broke my leg. I have a lovely green cast which I will have to wear until monday. Monday I go back to the dr and have it xrayed again to check it and then will have a cast for another week. Hopefully at that point I will get a walking cast. I will be in something for the next 6 weeks. Whoo Hoo!

The story: We went for Jaryn's bday and john and I decided to go early and take the kids fishing at the creek. We got to the creek got everyone bait and settled. I decided I could get great pictures of the kids from the other side of the creek. So I proceded to try to cross. The first step I took I fell. As I tried to get up I knew something wasn't right and told John I thought it was broken (i'm smart aren't I). IT took a little while to get me back up the embankment, but we made it. Took the kids to granny's and then went to Frankfort hospital. I saw the ortho here on Monday who said it is fractured in 2 places, but he also thinks I tore a ligament on the left side (opposite of fracture) which is why I'm in a hard cast. It has to remain stable for 2 weeks then I might be able to go into a walking cast. The reason I didn't get one from the start is bc of the ligament. I am supposed to keep it elevated and off of it as much as possible. I'm not very good at that, but the alternative is surgery and I don't want to have that. So I will sit here and be obedient and stay off my leg.

Oh yeah no pictures bc my brand new camera was in my pocket when I fell in the water and now it is dead. I think I'm most upset about the camera. I loved that camera. Oh well. I"m checking to see if it had any kind of warranty on it.

That is what is going on here. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I love you all! I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!

Aren't fireworks wonderful things. The dog is barking her head off, Nick is holding his ears, and Caroline doesn't want to go to bed bc she might miss something. We shot off our rockets last night and 2 tonight. I think everyone in the neighborhood is shooting them off. I'll be glad when they are over.

We have been busy here. Monday We took off in the morning to run errands and to hit a couple of buckets of balls at the driving range. We stopped by the mall to pick up some biker shorts and navy blue mary janes for Caroline to wear to school. As we were passing Claire's Caroline decided she wanted to go in. We came out with earrings. I could not believe she sat there and let this stranger shot her ears 2 different times without flinching. She is very proud of herself and they look very cute.

The same day we were walking through Dick's sporting goods and they had cleats on sale. Oh yeah, Nick got a new pair for $9.97. He is in love with them.

We finally made it to the driving range around 2:00. We hit 2 buckets of balls and I had a blast watching the kids hit. Nick acts just like a professional and Caroline gives it her all, but is not so good. I couldn't quit taking pictures because they were so good. Check out the dirt flying up when Nick hits the ball.

John and I are almost ready to unveil the new bathroom. We are putting the finishing touches on it now. I got the floor down and just need to redo 1 tile. I can't wait for all of you to see it.

1. Nick playing ball with John
2. John, Caroline, and my feet. I love this picture.
3. My favorite pic of Caroline from today.
4. John and if you look hard you can see me in his sunglasses. Tricky photography.
5. Caroline in the water. Trying to mimick last years picture.

Ok, we are off to bed after a long day of playing, pooling, and fireworking! HOpe you all had a happy 4th. Enjoy!
PS: if you are reading this....please leave me a note. I have no idea who is reading (except Aunt Carol who tells me, but doesn't leave a note) and would like to know. Thanks.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Trip to l'burg!

John left on Saturday and on Monday afternoon we headed to l'burg. The kids had so much fun. We went fishing, where the kids caught their first fish, to the fair, for a sleepover at Skylar's, and to Sis' new boyfriends to do more fishing. Here are the pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

Nick's first fish!

Day 2 on the way to the creek!

Caroline's first fish!

Skylar's fish!

before CAroline fell in the creek
after Caroline crawling out of the creek!
Playing in pool with Grandaddy!

I love this picture of Skylar!

Riding at the fair! This was one of all the kids favorite rides!

One of Caroline's favorite parts: The kittens

Here is something you don't see every lifetime: Granny climbing a fence. This will be good blackmail one day!

Sis' new boyfriend Sonny. We are fishing on his farm. Aunt Carol I didn't know if you had seen his picture.

Jaryn's fish! He also put every other fish caught back in the water. He enjoyed touching them and none of the other kids would.

This is a long post: sorry, but as you can see a lot of fun was had by everyone. Especially the kids. They also had a sleepover at Skylar's and that is what they are talking about the most right now. Evidently it means they are big kids.
Aunt Carol, we can't wait to see you in August. Joe and Sara thank you for bringing Alex for his birthday we can't wait to see him too. He has gotten so big and will probably be chasing all the other kids. Hope you enjoyed your weekend with Carol and Danny. See all of you soon!