Sunday, January 04, 2009

Holiday *RECAP*

Sorry it has taken so long, but we have been so busy or sick. We had a great holiday this year and I will recap all of it.

Our last day of school was Dec. 19. It was a great day at school. WE enjoyed passing out the gifts we made, which I did't take one picture of. I'm so sorry bc they were really cute. We took glass ornaments and filled them with yellow styrofoam balls and put a fluer de le on the front then tied blue ribbon. These are our school colors and symbol bc we are a french school. Then we made some that were round with red/green balls with different sayings on them like joy, or just snowflakes. We also made the special area teachers tile coasters with their initials on them. They turned out really cool too! Next year I will document our creativeness. The kids had their holiday parties at school and had so much fun. Nick and John made snowman cookies on Thursdsay night while Caroline and I went to a Girl Scout party to decorate cookies. His cookies were a hit at his party. WE got rid of a kitten at school on Friday Daisy went to live with Mrs. Link. So we took him and a small liter box to school with us to deliver him with a big red bow on his neck. She fell in love with her and carried her around with her all day. She definitely went to a good home. My class had their party in the afternoon and I was given a gift card to the camera store. I was so excited. WE stayed after school to get the decorations down and everything ready for the 1st day back. The kids and I were so ready to be out and have a break.

The weekend was filled with shopping and wrapping, and getting ready. Tuesday Jennifer and AShley came over to make cookies. It was tons of fun and a huge mess.

Tuesday night we went out to eat and had a suprise visit from Santa while we were gone. The kids were sceamin' their heads off when we walked in and there were 2 presents for them to open : with a Wii and extra remote. He had already set it up and it was ready to play. So JOhn and I let them open the wii related presents we had gotten them. Santa left a note saying we would be gone Christmas day and the day after so he brought it early so they would get to play with it. How cool of him? WE played the whole next day and had so much fun. So far the favorite game is the sports pack that came with it. JOhn and Nick love the golfing and all of us love the bowling.

Christmas day we spent the morning in the 'burg with the ENTIRE family. I mean everyone no one was missing. It was madness, but fun. It was nice to meet Chris' new wife, and see Joe and Sara's new baby Zachary and hold him (oh I didn't think I would be able to let him go, but when Joe told me I would die if I tried to take him I figured I better give him back). Granny really enjoyed having all her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids in her house. AGain very crowded.

Friday we made the trip to Berea to see my Mom, sister, and neice Destinee. WE had lunch, played their wii and enjoyed the company. The bad part of the trip was Nick asking every couple of SECONDS "ARE WE THERE YET? HOW MUCH LONGER?" the entire trip there and back.

Saturday was hanging out which we have pretty much been doing since then. We have cleaned the basement, the garage and the house several times. We put all the toys away, got rid of some and found spots for new stuff. It is Sunday at 4:00 and I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning at 7 or going back to work. But I"m sure once I'm back into the routine it will be nice.

Here are some funnies!

I bought the kids a kids shaving kit for Christmas bc they keep shaving their legs with my razor so the pic of caroline shaving her leg is hillarious. If you know me you know I shave everyday no matter what like, running late, pregnancy, sick it doesn't matter everyday. Where did she learn to do that? ha ha!

Here is zander climbing our Christmas tree while I was taking the decorations off. He tore it up this year so we threw it away after taking it down.

The second kitten left the monday before Christmas (the 22nd I think) so Zander and the Daisy (the other kitten) slept with CAroline the couple of nights after the 1st one left. Here they are in the middle of the night sleeping together.
Friday night Nick lost his 1st tooth. He was so excited. The tooth fairy brought him $5. CAroline politely told him he only got $5 bc it was his 1st and he wouldn't get that much again.
Before Christmas we had to have a cat rescue. Zander climbed the tree in the backyard and then went higher, then caroline flipped out thinking he wasn't going to be able to get back down. So Nick runs in and puts on his fireman costume and runs outside to save the cat. Because Firemen rescue cats from trees! Duh! It was so funny to watch. He was throwing sticks up in the tree to try to get him down (I have no idea) and the cat started trying to get down and fell, but he laned on his feet. Nick threw his hat down and said, Well that's done. and went in the house. So funny!

John and I had a version of the stomach bug not once but twice. Crazyness.

I played Super paper mario so much my wrist and thumb started hurting.
My basement is clean, my garage is cleaned, the house is cleaned, I got almost everything done I wanted to while off, so I am going back tomorrow with a clear head. I'm looking forward to a year of accomplishment. That is the word I chose for the year: accomplishment.