Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eggs, hunting, and duvet

I hope you all had a Happy Easter. Saturday we colored eggs and the kids again this year got dye all over their hands. They were so funny this year. It was like they had never dyed eggs before they were amazed with the color. Sunday morning Caroline wanted me to hide her eggs outside, but Nick didn't want his eggs outside (they would get dirty) so only Caroline hunted. Yes that is what she slept in. I know don't even go there with me. Here they are coloring eggs. They colored 3 dozen eggs.

John and I have been working on the house since we got our new furniture, which you can see in the previous post, so we got this new duvet cover, shams and brown sheets. I put them on today while I was home with Nick. We are going to paint the walls, get curtains and get a new shower curtain and we will be finished. I'm also going to hang pics of the kids on the walls. I figure since the kids are 7 now we can be a little fancier than we have been in the past. I'm ready to move past the hodgepodge we've had going on.
This weekend Nick had a rare several reaction to some of the meds he has been taking so he didn't sleep for 3 nights this past weekend. We were at the dr yesterday and thankfully he slept last night. He seems much better today and I appreciate everyone's prayers. I will keep you updated.

Friday, April 10, 2009

New furniture

We got our furniture on Wednesday and we really like it. Here are a few pictures, but I'm having trouble getting one of the whole room.

Monday, April 06, 2009

review of spring break

Ok I meant to post everyday, but obviously that didn't happen. It seems like we were so busy, but home alot too! Wednesday we visited The Uhls' Family in Lexington and had a great busy day! The boys love each other so much and played non stop all day. They are so cute together. Caroline tries to keep up with them, but hangs with the girls more. Below are pics of all the kids playing, Nick and Riley playing basketball, Caroline swinging on the horse, Reed looking so stinking cute, and the kids playing with the tractor, then the kids watching tv on Riley's bed. We had so much fun and the kids get along so very well together. It was a great day!

Thursday we stayed home, played a bit, cleaned a bit, did a little homework, and then did it all over again. WE also made a special trip to Michael's for the kids to get a craft for the afternoon because we thought it was going to rain. Nick chose a rock kit where you dig for the rocks. He got so excited when he found one. Caroline got an American Girl Hair kit. She sat in her room most of the afternoon watching a dvd that came with the kit and fixing her dolls hair. We also scored a ton of $1.00 crafts. It was a fun afternoon!

Friday John took the day off and we shopped all day! The kids were not thrilled about it, but were good sports. We bought a couch, 2 chairs and a rug for the living room. I'm very excited. John is picking it up Wednesday night. We also picked up a duvet cover for the kids. Nick got Star Wars and Caroline got a cute pink polka dot.
I will take a pic of the new duvets and furniture when it gets here and post. Today it was back to the grind with all the craziness that goes with our lives. Nick had speech theraphy after school so I dropped Nick off then took Caroline to the dr bc she still has a bad cough and sore throat. She has a sinus infection and ear infection. John picked Nick up and Caroline and I went the grocery. It was 6:15 before we got home. Much craziness, but only 39 more days!

Saturday I had class and Nick had baseball practice then we just hung out at home.

Sunday John played golf and the kids and I went to L'burg to visit Aunt Carol and Granny. Aunt Carol is here for good Her and Uncle Danny have moved to Bowling Green. The kids are very excited she is back and they can see her when they want too and not just once a year. We headed home early to get ready for school/work today. I'm really sure where the week went. It seemed so short. Oh well I guess they all do. Just 39 more days until Summer break.
As you can tell I'm ready for summer break since I said something about 3 different times during this post. Oh well what can I say.

Friday, April 03, 2009

No purchases!

These are the best pics I could get. Couldn't get far enough away to get the whole living room in the pic. What do you think?