Saturday, May 31, 2008

She flips!

The flip.

Have a great day!

The twisty

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great weekend!

Iknow I'm going to get in trouble for this, but I didn't get my camera out much this weekend. We were having too much fun!

Friday was the last day of school! The kids were so excited. Their class had a pizza party and we got to spend time with a lot of the parents. After eating we played on the playground. Here are a few from the party.

I love this one I guess because it is random.

Here is our beloved Ms. Hunt. She is going to work with Nick once a week this summer. We will miss her greatly in 1st grade. She has been wonderful to all of us. She has really taken Nick under her wing and he has a very special bond with her. They know they will have a new teacher in the fall, but I don't know if they completely understand.

Ok the left pic are these really great shelves I scored at a yard sale of a preschool that is closing. (Leslie worked there this year). I have been looking for something like this forever. They were to expensive to buy new so when I saw these I had to have them.

Yes they were orange and now they are not. I got one for each room. This is the after. Caroline chose to paint hers pink and this is what it looks like in her room. I love them. The plan is to put a pillow on top and make a window seat out of half. Nick chose red. We are in the process of painting one wall in his room and the shelf. We are making room to hang new pictures Aunt Mel painted for him for his birthday. I will show you them after we are finished. They are really cool.

Here are the other pics of Caroline's clean redecorated room. The butterfly picture above her bed was her birthday present from Aunt Mel. It matches perfect. I am planning on hanging pictures in white frames above her dresser/fish tank. And a bulletin board above her desk when I find a cool one. I also want an area rug for the floor. I like one I saw at Target. Also new curtains. I think she has outgrown the nursery ones.
We started our weekend out at the pool. I'm a little gun shy taking my electronics out after loosing so many in the water last year. I didn't get any pictures of the kids swimming but I will this week. The water was freezing, but they jumped right in. After swimming for a little while they would get out and wrap up in a towel shivering. Kind of crazy. We went back on Sunday morning and stayed until around 2:00 and Monday we went even though it looked like rain. We were there a couple hours it rained twice, but they got to stay in the pool bc there were no storms.
We took today off from the pool and worked around the house. Trying to get the shelves painted so I can get the garage cleaned out again. Right now you can't even walk through it.
Caroline started gymnastics today and yes I forgot my camera. I will get pictures next week. She looked like such a natural and she loved it. Nick and I got to watch from upstairs and she was all smiles. Nick chose to try tennis this summer. We are going to take a little break from ball. We talked about trying something new to see if he liked it. No I'm not discouraging him from baseball, but the Y league is not the same as what he is doing now or fall ball so we are not going to do it this year. So I thought he should take the opportunity to try something new. Sounds good doesn't it? We'll see if he agrees.
That is about all that is going on here. Excited to get our summer underway and enjoy the kids being home. Hope all is well!

Friday, May 23, 2008

The last day of school!

Here are Pictures from the 1st day of school and the last day of school.

Can you believe it has been a whole school year. The first pic is the 1st day of school and the 2nd is the last day of school. Can you believe how much bigger they are? They have changed so much in these months. They have learned so much and grown so much.
Today we are heading over to school at 2:00 for a pizza party so celebrate the end of the year. They were so excited this morning about the party and getting to be off for 100 days.
The pool opens tomorrow and they can't wait. I will take more pics after school and tomorrow. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

and the winner is.......


Yes 50 of those are mine. I"m so excited and everyone I know except Granny is excited David Cook won.

His cd will be the first ever American Idol winner cd I buy. I can't wait. I love love love his music and I think he is a great guy.

The Potts' house screamed when he won tonight even the kids. I can't tell you how happy we are he won.

On to more important things... I can't believe that no one has posted a comment with all the gorgeous pics of my kids in the last week. What are you all thinking? Somebody please leave a comment. Ok love ya more tomorrow.


Go David Go! Last night was the final performance by Cook on American Idol. John did not feel Cook set the world on fire. I'm still a firm believer he will win. So yes I voted 50 times. I told John 6 or 8 weeks ago he would win and it would be a David/David final.
So be glued to your tv's tonight to watch Cook take the honor of 2008 American Idol. Whoo Hoo ! Go Cook!
If you disagree with me please don't leave me nasty comments (not that anyone ever leaves a comment anyway) everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ok this is the second time I've tried to post tonight so these are not in the right order, but I'm going with it.

Today the kids had kindergarten awards. This is where all the kindergarteners are recognized. This is Mr. Leffert presenting Caroline with her awards. She received an exceptional reader award, art award, and a good citizen award.

Nick received a friendship award, good citizen award and a music award.
This one of my faves from today. this is the kids being good listeners like Mr. Leffert has taught them. You always focus on the speaker.
Saturday night Ashley Potts graduated from High school. Here is the Potts' family and her in her cap and gown. The ceremony was gorgeous. All the girls carried a dozen red roses.
Ashley will be attending University of Kentucky in the fall.

Ok here are a ton of pics from recital. CAroline did much better Sunday than she did at dress rehearsal. This is Riley, Nick and Caroline after recital. Nick gave her flowers.
Here is Aunt Mel, Caroline and that is Reed smiling at her.
Here is a great one of Nick and Riley. They sat by each other during recital and enjoyed each other. They were very good though.

These are my faves of CAroline before recital.

You can click on the videos below to watch the performances. She did very good and had fun.

This is how she spent her morning the day of recital. Yes she is laying in the sun with a pillow off the couch. While I planted flowers. She told me she was going to rest.

Nick "rested" too. He did take his ball socks and cleats off to get a little sun on his legs.

Caroline and myself went to have our nails done on Saturday. I got a mani/pedi and she got her toes painted along with this cool little flower.

Ok, that is all from here. The kids are off tomorrow due to election day so I'm sure it will be crazy. I had no idea they were off until I picked them up today. I'm sure we will find something fun to get into during the day and Jennifer graduates from 8th grade tomorrow night. I hope you enjoy the videos.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Lorakeets on your head!!!!

Today I joined the kids on their last field trip of the year at the zoo. We had so much fun. Here are the pics.
This is Caroline with a Lorakeet on her head! She wasn't to happy about the one on her head. I will let you guess why there is not a pic of Nick with a Lorakeet.....Yes he was scared of them. All the kids were great sports about it. I needed the pics for my photography class and I got some great ones.

I think you all know this is Lilly. Caroline's very good friend. She hung out with us because her mom couldn't go today.

This is Scottie the baby elephant. He just turned a year old. All the kids were excited to see him.

These are funny pictures we took while waiting in line to hold the Lorakeets. I have about 15 of these pictures, but it passed the time. Chloe, Lilly, Layla, Donnez, Nick, CAroline and the other Lilly.
I spent the afternoon getting ready for Dress rehearsal after school.

Today was not great so I'm hoping Sunday is a little better. She looks cute though and she had fun and that is all that matters right???

That is all from here. Tomorrow is a ball game, Ashley Potts' graduations from High School tomorrow night, then Sunday is Recital. The end to a very busy week.

ONly 5 more days of school.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Color Factory

Welcome to the Color Factory. I was a very proud mama today as my babies performed in their first school play. I hope you enjoy. Sorry the kids parts are sideways I can't figure out how to turn them. If anyone knows let me know.

Here is Nick saying his part.

Here is Caroline saying her part. Aren't they so cute.

Tomorrow we are off to the zoo on their last field trip of the year. Love you all!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Julie finally arrived today. Yes she was ordered by "Santa" in December, but due to major difficutlies she just arrived today. Caroline was so excited when we pulled up to the house and there was a package on the porch. She ran to see who the box was for, but Nick opened the box first. She didn't care, bc it was Julie. The doll she has been waiting for since Christmas.

Here are some pics from ball last night. This is Nick talking smack on first base.
Here he is playing his favorite position Pitcher.
And this is a blurry shot of him throwing to 2nd.
He did very good last night. We only have 4 games left, then we are taking a little time off. I don't think his passion will die if we take a little break.
That is all for now. Enjoy!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Here's a SMILEY!

Just a little afternoon smile!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day. Aunt Carol this picture is for you. Notice the dog in her arms...It is a Daisy dog. She took much care picking her out today.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Review *long post*

Sorry my computer has been in the shop again! Here is the last couple of weeks in review.
Ok let me see if I can explain all this. first we have the bed races (our family favorite). We were late arriving because a certain little girl that lives here couldn't decide what to wear. (no I'm not kidding). So we missed the parade where all the beds are dressed up. This is the only one we saw.

This is the starting line. There were no big crashes like last year.
This is a bed entered by a high school friend of John's company. They did really bad.
this is the parade preview. You get to walk around and look at all the floats and balloons that will be in the pegasus parade. If you know NIck he doesn't like any mascot so he didn't get his picture taken with any, but CAroline was very proud that she has hers taken with all of them. Here are a few.

The Grand Marshall this year was Bobby Flay. At the preview you get a treasure map at the beginning and walk around and have it stamped at each booth, at the end you get a prize. The kids love it. Each booth gives away freebies too.

This is CAroline sitting at John's desk "working". We went down to his office to watch the Great Steamboat Race. AGain we missed the beginning because Caroline couldn't decide what to wear.

This is the view out of John's window. The kids took this one.

This is Dietrich Nick's Best Friend. He came over to play on sunday. They played outside all day and had a blast.Here is Mollie performing in her Noah's Ark program tonight. She did great.
This is the new favorite drink in our house right now. WE got these on sale at Kmart yesterday.

CAroline had piano tonight so Nick and I ran over to Kroger to pick up a few things. We ran into Dietrich there and brought him home to eat dinner with us and hang out at our house. Dietrich has a 4yo sister and 3yo brother. We really enjoy him spending time with us.
Things are about to get very crazy around here. The kids only have 11 more days of school. Next week they have their play, last field trip, Caroline's dance recital, Kindergarten awards, Ashley and Jennifers graduations. Whew I'm tired already. We have had a couple of very great weeks here. We are enjoying the weather, friends, and school almost being over.
I started back last night. I really enjoyed my week and half off. This six weeks I am taking fund of Physical science and Photography II.
I also started weight watchers this week. If you have any awesome recipes or good food ideas let me know. You can help hold me accountable too.
That is about it for now. I hope this satisfies all of you that are having withdraws. Love you all.