Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hello, Hello, Hello. We arrived home Sunday a.m. about 9:00. John and I decided to drive straight thru while the kids slept because they weren't the best travelers.

We had a wonderful vacation. The kids loved the ocean, sand, seashells, swimming, and most of all family time. We saw a sea turtle, some fish that had been speared during a deep sea dive, the fish that live in the sand on the bottom of the ocean, a mussell, and some cool fish when snorkeling. We went to one of the "amusement type parks and the kids rode the kiddie rides. They chickened out of the go carts. On Saturday we went to Shell Island. We got to take a boat ride, dug for shells, snorkel, and played in a lagoon that was seperated from the ocean by large rocks. I took lots of great pictures, which none of you can see bc I still can't find the cord. I will try to get a disk tomorrow. The kids are full of stories for everyone.

That is all for tonight. John and I are exhausted from our drive. Hopefully, I will be able to post again tomorrow. I'm sure it will take a couple of days to get back in a routine. Hope everyone is safe and sound. Talk to you soon.

PS Aunt Leslie, Nick and Caroline say hi!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hello! We had a great day today. Nick and I got a little too much sun, Caroline got her hair wrapped, and we took our first nap. Other than that we swam all day in the big pool. So much for that rest and relaxation I had planned on and those 4 books I planned on reading. I got the disc made tonight so I have pictures they are self explanatory.

Florida fun

Sorry for the delay in posting. I still haven't found the cord that goes to my camera to download my pics to my computer. So I don't have any pics.

The kids have grown fins and gills. They have amazed John and me. They are jumping in with no fear and swimming to the side. I wish I had a video camera bc a picture would not do it justice. So much for my relaxing vacation (with my 4 books) by the kiddie pool. We were in the kiddie pool for a total of about an hour yesterday and the rest of the time in the big pool. I think pool life has forever changed. Just another sign they are growing up.

We have been keeping late hours so I have been letting them sleep in the morning. So it is about 10 or 11 before we get up and ready and out to the pool. It is hard to get 2 kids to go to sleep when your all in the same room. So John and Nick are sleeping in one bed and Caroline and me are sleeping in the other, which are a total of 4in (and I am not kidding) apart. We literally can hold hands across the gap.

OTher than swimming the only other thing we have done was go to downtown disney. They have an area that is geared towards kids. The kids loved that. Nick used his money to buy "Mack Truck" from the movie Cars. He has had more fun with it. Caroline bought princess that are like fashion pollys. They had the neatest toy store ever. You could build your own Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head, My LIttle Pony, Make Goof Candy., Princess crowns, and really cool stuff like that. They had a lego store that had an entire wall from top to bottom full of bins and you could fill your bucket up with as many legos as you could get to fit for a certain price. Outside they had a playground and an area where you play and build with legos. It was just really neat. We might go back tonight.

We miss everyone, but we are having fun. John started his meetings yesterday, but he is enjoying is first vacation as a father. I'm hoping bedtime will be a little easier when we get to the beach and we can sit on the balcony while the kids go to sleep or in the other room. In this hotel room you are right on top of each other. The kids are enjoying getting to sleep with us instead of each other.

That is all for now. I'm going to try to get a disc tonight so if I do I will update tonight and add some pictures.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

We're here!

WE are finally here thank goodness. It was a very long, challenging journey. We arrived at Aunt Carol's about 1:oopm on Sat. We visited with her until 4:00 then headed to Orlando. We arrived here around 8:00 due to my bad directions. The hotel is very nice. We brought our stuff to the room and headed straight to the pool. The kids love it.

They have 3 pools, a slide, and hot tub. Caroline suprised both of us by jumping in the 3ft pool (not the kiddie pool) and swimming to the side. Not to be stopped and Nick was close behind. So I don't know how many lazy days hanging around the kiddie pool I will have. Oh well, my babies have officially grown up in the last 24 hours.

I don't have any pictures tonight bc I can't find the cord that connects to the computer. So, I will look for it and hopefully add pictures tomorrow.

We hope everyone at home is doing good. We miss you and will talk to you soon.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


This is probably our last post before we leave for vacation. It has been very busy around here trying to get some work stuff done and get stuff ready for vacation. We have never been on vacation as a family before so it has been a little overwhelming to decide what we need and what we don't. I have been operating at danger stress levels.

The kids are very excited about vacation. John has a conference in Orlando so we are tagging along for that, then we are going to Panama City to play at the beach for the rest of our time. We leave Friday afternoon and won't return until the next Sunday. I hope everyone is happy and safe while we are gone. We will miss everyone and I'm sure we will be glad to get home when the time comes. But right now the kids can't wait to see the ocean, play in the sand, see Aunt Carol, and see some dolphins, whales, fish and that kind of stuff. We are lucky enough to be there on Aunt Carols Birthday, which will be lots of fun. We will be safe and see you when we get back.

Here are a couple of pics from today.

The kids are making shoebox oceans!

We are studying oceans and what lives in them right now due to our upcoming vacation.

Here is my cool dude on third base tonight at tball practice!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Our first sleepover!

Ok Nana/Aunt Carol here you go!

We visited in L'burg on Sunday and came home with a guest...Skylar. The kids have been so excited. The girls giggled until about midnight. So I ended up on the blow up mattress between them until I was awaken at 4:00am. Needless to say I didn't get the best nights sleep. We headed out this morning to run a few errands and then went to the pool. They have been very good and enjoyed each other very much.
Enjoy the pictures!es.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I took the kids to the radio controlled air show on Sunday. Nick was amazed. Actually, it was very awesome. The pilots were all over the USA and competed in competitions. The tricks they did were astounding. Nick couldn't wait for me to put these pictures on here. So enjoy them. This one went 300mph! It was awesome as Nick would say

Here are my gorgeous babies! Yes, Nick is wearing Big, brown, girl sunglasses, but I think he wears them well. I forgot his and he couldn't see so we wore mine. I could post pics all night bc he made me take pictures of every plane and helicopter. It was a great time. We will definitely go back next year. Caroline enjoyed the first couple of planes then she sat behind us and played in the rocks.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nick in the outfield
Nick batting....He hit the only ball that went up in the air and past the pitcher mound.
team pledge before game.
Check out the sisterly love!
look at my boy for his 1st t ball game!
oops! suit malfunction!
Can this boy swim or what?
Ok, sorry it has taken so long to get these on here. It has been a long weekend. Hope you enjoy.

The pool is not the same without popsicles!

ok. as you can see it was a very busy weekend. On Sunday I took the kids to the radio control air show. They loved it. I was very impressed too. I will post those pics tomorrow. It won't let me post anymore tonight. These are from pool and Nick's 1st tball game. He did great at the game. It was very funny, cute, and enjoyable. He can't wait to the next one. Hope everyone had a great weekend.