Sunday, December 30, 2007


Ok stay with me. I'm not sure how good this picture is, but it took me 2 hours last night and 2 hours today to put it together. Plus a call to Melanie. I'm so very proud of myself. I can't believe I got this far with it. Ok click on the picture above to see the pic bigger. Whoo Hoo! Whoo Hoo! Whoo Hoo!

Ok now for our Christmas. It was very good. You can see above some of the stuff we did. We had a friend over to make cookies, put the tree up, went to a choral performance, opened presents, saw Baby Katherine (got to help give her a favorite), and many other things.

Santa was very good to both kids. Nick got the much anticipated drums (video below), a remote control firetruck, and a car road rug.

Here is his debut performance.

Caroline received the money machine she wanted, Julie the new American Girl doll (santa had to mail it bc it didn't get here before Christmas...we are still waiting for her), and a video camera. The memory card was full Christmas Day. Sorry, no video of Caroline.

The kids also received lots of presents from other people. We enjoyed time with family and friends. Aunt Carol is on her way home New Years' Day and we can't wait to see her and spend some time in L'burg. We are heading to see Aunt Mel and the boys on Jan 2 and hoping to spend the rest of our break having fun. We go back to school on Jan 8. We want to see Alvin and the Chipmunks and go to the indoor pool for a swim.

That is all for now. I hope each of you enjoyed your Christmas and have a happy and safe New Year.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

cabin fever

Things have been relatively slow around here this weekend. Yesterday it rained and rained and rained and snowed (very little) and rained. Nick couldn't take being in the house any longer so he grabbed his rain boots and umbrella and headed out to walk in the huge puddles. He was so funny.
Friday night we spent a full hour at Wal-mart spending gift cards the kids got in the mail from Aunt Carol. Thank you Aunt Carol. We are now the proud owners of a rc dodge truck and a scottie puppy in a purse. This pic is for Aunt Carol.

Today we had a birthday pool party to attend. Mollie turned 5 today. She has been waiting so long to turn 5 and she was very very excited. I took my camera planning on getting lots of great pics and my battery ran out shortly after I started. Here is what I got.

I started this weekend with one goal in mind....getting student gifts completed. Here they are! I have 2 more to finish and I can't until I talk to the twins in the pictures. I can't tell them apart so I am going to have to ask. They don't like it when you mix them up. I am so happy to have this project complete. I also got all but 3 gifts bought this weekend so my to do list is looking pretyy good. I still have to finish a bucket for the kids teacher and a couple of ornaments, but that is all! I plan on enjoying this week and doing lots of stuff with the kids. WE are anxiously awaiting out holiday break which is 17 days. Whoo hoo!

I love these ornaments that I got from here.
I have made about 2 dozen this year. They make great teacher gifts and kid gifts.

The kids have really gotten into nintendo in the last couple of weeks. So we have been playing the original nintendo that John had. The kids are hillarious. They have gotten so much better just in the last week. I have a super nintendo that we moved upstairs this week. John and I have been shopping on ebay tonight for a few more games. WE only have 1 for the super. Ebay is absolutely the best thing ever.

I hope everyone has a good week. I deleted the traditions post that I never put anything in, but it is coming. I'm still trying to get my thought together. I got a little too emotional when trying to write it.
Have a good week! Merry almost Christmas!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dad where was Jesus born?

this question got my attention so I listened.
John said "I don't know where?"
Caroline said "He was born in North Carolina." priceless.

I have no idea where she comes up with all this stuff. She was "reading" her bible story book.

Nick is feeling better, but I have been sick for 2 days. I'm hoping to be back at school tomorrow. I made myself get out of the bed at 11:00 today. I have gotten a lot accomplished today for being sick. Finished the Christmas cards, started albums for 1st graders, filled out Financial aid forms, ordered transcript, and cleaned up desk. All of it could be done sitting down. Whoo hoo!

That is all from here. I just wanted to tell you what Caroline said. Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

Monday, December 03, 2007


Well it is another sickday here. Nick woke up with a fever 103.8. I took him to the dr and he has another double ear infection. At least it is something he can go back to school with. Tonight we have been cleaning Caroline's room. It was a pig mess. You wouldn't believe how bad it was. I don't understand how it gets so dirty.

We are going to watch Charlie Brown Christmas. Hope you had a good day! Hopefully more tomorrow.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


with Grandma. For the first time the kids spent the night with Grandma Friday night. I didn't think they would actually stay all night, but they did. They rushed home from school, packed their bags, and were waiting on Helen and Dave at the front door. They had such a good time. I can't believe they are this big. I didn't get a picture of them before they left bc things were so crazy and they were so excited. John and I had a great night of quiet time together. We went out to eat and then shopping. We spent the morning running some errands. I feel like we got a lot accomplished. Whoo hoo!

We ventured out this afternoon to light up Hikes Point ( pathetic...horrible) which was a waste of time. I had been wanting to take the kids to Brown Park (duck park) to see the lights so we headed over there. Here are some great shots I got. The lights on the tall Christmas tree were to music. The kids that it was great. My favorite is the fat snowman. The kids didn't cooperate while I was trying to take those pics, but they are still funny. Tomorrow we are going to help Helen and Dave put their tree up.

Here are a couple of pics from our mommy/daddy date day. Nick and I went to McDonalds and John and Caroline went to Starbucks. It was very interesting bc Nick didn't say anything and CAroline talked John's ear off. Wonder where she gets it?????
Not too much going on here. We are working on many crafts, have lots of presents to wrap, and some more decorating to do. I should have done it today it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Oh well I'll get to it.
Last but not least here is a picture of Nick's room decorated for Christmas. The lights are strung all around the room and he has a tree. They lite up his whole room.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I'll try to post more often.