Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Finally posting!

Ball, Ball, Ball

Sorry it has been so long since I posted last. We have been playing a lot of ball: t-ball and soccer. Lets start with soccer. They are playing soccer at the church and John is coaching. Neither of them like it. Caroline just runs around the field as far away from the ball as she can get and Nick will go after the ball until someone kicks him. Their favorite part is playing goalie and the only reason they like that is bc they get to wear the goalie shirt. Here are pictures of them in their uniforms which they look so cute in. JOhn is doing a great job coaching even though he doesn't know much about soccer. I think he is having fun too.

T-ball: Nick's personal favorite. He can't get enough and we practice in the back yard everyday. JOhn is also coaching tball. When the season started he didn't have enough players so he asked Caroline if she wanted to play and a friend of hers. Lets just say they haven't stayed in the field for a complete inning yet. They run back and forth. They like to play in the dugout or go get a drink. They giggle constantly and it is so funny to watch them. John really likes coaching tball. It is a little frustrating bc we don't have practice so he has to do all the teaching during the games, but he is very good at it. It is great watching him with all the kids.

Other things that are going on: Grandma got a dog. Caroline is in love with it and when she is around CAroline carries her everywhere. Nick likes her, but she is causing a little trouble with his asthma. She is very cute and her name is Lucky.

Caroline is dancing and has really gotten in to it. When I pick her up she says "mom I did all my steps." She looks forward to Thursdays.

I am working at Dee's in the scrapbooking department. I like it, but it is a lot of work. I am working mon, and wed, and every other weekend. I am also teaching classes.

Ok that is about it for right now. I will try my best not to wait so long before posting again. Love and miss you all!