Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm back!

Ok. I can breathe now. I finished 10 papers and a final photo projects. After 8:00 tonight I will be off the rest of this week and next week. I will start back the next tues with a science class. I will be very happy after 8:00 to have ethics over with.

Ok now the kids and what we have been doing the last couple of weeks. Aunt Carol has been here so we have spent quite a bit of time with her. I went over and my Dad, Carol, and I went driving in the country to produce my final photo project. It turned out great. I will share the pics when I get them back. While on our trip we discovered a new creek to take the kids too. So we went back on Sunday to play.

Ok blogger won't let me add anymore pics right now so more later.

The kids are doing good. Keeping track of how many more days of school. Looking forward to the pool opening. Nick is playing ball and loving every minute of it. Report cards came out last week and they both did great. CAroline a little better than Nick, but that was expected. I'm looking forward to my week off and enjoying this beautiful weather. It is also Derby time in the 'ville so we will be busy next week with the bed races, parade preview, and chow wagon. The kids are off next Friday for Oaks day.

I was lucky enough yesterday to get one of these because my phone wasn't working right.

I guess this is all for now.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Photo shoot w/ the DIVA

Ok. This week my photo assignment is dreams/subconscious. A hard one. WE can either do dreams we have during the night or dreams and ambitions we have or had. So I got Caroline dressed up today for a photoshoot. Lets just say she was into it.

Here is this year dance recital costume. Kind of crazy huh? I'm not sure about the feathers. She is doing 2 dances again this year.

Friday, April 04, 2008

A week in review

Ok here we go. It has been a busy week.

Monday brought school for the kids, dance for Caroline, and photography class for me. It was a very frustrating class, but I do love it.

Tuesday brought the doctor for my shoulder, which is feeling better, school for the kids, and no baseball practice because the kids don't know how to go to bed at night. A new concept I'm trying. It has worked well so far. Oh yeah I didn't go to class bc of my shoulder.

Wednesday, brought school for the kids, homework for me, dentist apt, art club for caroline and wednesday night we hung out with the Hoaglands at the ball park watching Gabe play ball.

Thursday brought cleaning house, school for kids, homework for me, piano for CAroline, she found out yesterday she has a piano recital. She is most excited about buying a new dress. Nick's ball practice got cancelled due to rain, rain, and rain. Then last night CAroline and I had Girl Scouts(where only the two leaders/daughters showed up) the firemen came and talked to the girls about fire safety and what they look like with their gear on. They both got to turn the lights on and the siren. It was pretty cool. In case you ever wanted to know fireman have to be able to get in their full suit in 2minutes. I was impressed. Then we went for ice cream.

Today is school for the kids, lots of homework for me. Especially taking pictures bc they are due on MOnday and I was a week ahead and now i'm on schedule. Yuck! The kids are coming home and watching Alvin and the Chipmunks tonight. I picked it up at the store yesterday. Today is the last day of school before spring break. The kids were jumping up and down screaming this morning. Needless to say they are very excited.

Next week: Spring break......whoo hoo. John is taking off MOnday and Tuesday. We don't anything planned just thoughts about trying to do some fun stuff. Maybe taking in a UL baseball game (the bats havent' started yet.), zoo, museum, things like that. I still have classes so that is a bummer. It will be fun though. We will be getting together with the Uhls' sometime.

That is about all (enough) going on here. I don't have any new pics because I'm taking pics for my class....but tonight I will take pics of Caroline in her dance costume. It is very cute this year. and I will post those and other stuff from the weekend. HOpe you are well. Have a good day!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

a*JORDAN*update/Autism Awareness Day

Let me start by saying my sweet little Jordan has been on my mind a lot lately. So I got out the directory and emailed his Mom. She so kindly emailed me back with great news.
Look at that smile and those eyes!

Here we go: He is reading!!!!!! I can't tell you how huge this is. I'm amazed. It goes to show you how important one on one attention is for children with Autism. He is still touching everybody that walks by, but they are working on it. He has learned about consequences. For instance, the other day he wouldn't sit down so he didn't get to have a cookie for snack. The next day he told another little boy that if he didn't sit down he wouldn't get a cookie. I love it. He is so funny. She said she knew he missed me and she really appreciated my patience and work with him. I know this is what it is all about! I'm so thankful for her kind words.

It was so nice to hear from her. She told me she would continue to keep in touch.

I want you all to know that Jordan has made me think I want to specialize in Autism. That little boy stole my heart in the time I spent with him and I want to do something to honor him.

This is a little late, but today is Autism Awareness Day. Check here for more information. If you are looking for a charity to support please support Autism speaks. If you haven't noticed Autism is on the news everyday now. Your support will help a child like Jordan.

Ok I'm off my soapbox.

The kids are doing great. We had dentist apt today and all was good. Caroline still has to go to the orthodontist, but we knew that. No cavities for either. They got new toothbrushes and he told us to use the baby toothpaste and add a rinse with flouride. This is because Nick brushes his teeth with water bc he doesn't like the way toothpaste tastes. So if any of you are having that issue here is the answer. We are also counting down to spring break which starts on Monday. We are going to get to spend two days with dad and hopefully see The Uhls' family. Looks like we are going to have a lot of rain next week. Oh well. It will still be fun.

I'll leave you with this cute pic of Caroline sitting in front of the house last week when it was nice out reading. She is crazy! That's all from here.