Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thunder over Louisville

don't they look cute!

The official kickoff of Derby was last night. The largest display of fireworks in North America. And yes we were there. MILLIONS of people come from all over to enjoy the air show during the day and then the fireworks at night.

Johh, Doug, Leslie, me, and all the kids loaded up the van and off we went. We parked at some friends lot and then walked 5 blocks to the Humana building where we got to sit in Johns office for the show. WE thought nick would really like them since he wouldn't be outside, but we were wrong. He wimpered through the whole show. Caroline thought it was the neatest thing ever seen. After the fireworks we hung out in John's office for a while to let the crowd die down, then headed out into it. We walked our 5 blocks back then sat in traffic for 1 hour & 1/2. Not as long as it took last time we went many, many years ago, but long enough with 4 children. at 12:30 am when we got all the kids to sleep John and I looked at each other and said "that's the reason we never go". It is just too much trouble to get in and out of town for the show. The fireworks are very pretty, but they broadcast it on tv. So next year we will be in front of tv with some popcorn and won't be dealing with the traffic.

Today we are just hanging out at home resting. John played golf this morning, the kids are out in the slip n slide, but not actually sliding. So I think a good day will be had by all.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Let me start by saying my kids are sooooooo funny. I laughed at them continuously today. So much has been going on since my last post. Lets start with Easter. We had a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter with family. The easter bunny visited the house and left Nick a batting helmet and CAroline a 2 gallon fish tank. They really enjoyed the egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's. We alse received the happy news that Chris and Beth are having a baby this fall.

This is Caroline's note to the easter bunny.

Yes she can write words now.

Since Easter John and I have been working around the house. We moved some furniture (Melanie you will be glad to hear we got those ugly cords off the wall in the bedroom) took up the carpet in the living room and today I painted the deck. After I complete a couple of outdoor projects I will be refinishing the living room floor.

We also had our first visit from Baby Reed, Riley and Aunt Mel. We had a great time. I got to feed Reed and change his diaper. The kids had a great time playing. I don't have any pictures bc I couldn't find my camera, but you can check mel's blog and look at them. Caroline was a little mom trying to take care of Reed. It was very cute.
I have discovered art journals which are really cool books that you get creative in with any medium. So Caroline and I have been trying to paint everyday. Our favorite are water colors. It is great bonding and just special time together. Nick is still obsessed with baseball. We went to a l'ville bats game last week with Mollie and Gabe. After Nick got over the fear of buddy bat and getting hit by a ball he had a great time. On our way out they both got buddy's autograph.

Ok, funny story from today. I told the kids to get old clothes on to help me paint and Nick came out in a new shirt. Caroline went in to help him and he came back out in this!!!!! Can you believe it. I laughed so hard forever. Why she picked this I will never know.

Here are a few of my favorite pics. Hope everyone is doing good.