Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The ick has invaded again. This time we all got some form of it even John. Caroline another double ear infec, NIck croup, and John and I have the same stuff. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck. I hope it leaves soon!

I'm sitting hear at 2:13am Feb. 28! I'm now 34. I can't get comfortable to get to sleep. But since I can't I thought I would update the blog. My classes are going very good. Next week is the last week. Then I start ethics and photography. JOhn is being very supportive and the kids are more than supportive. They are so cute when I go and come home.

The kids are 6 now (I know you know that) and enjoying every moment. Not a lot changed with this birthday like in the past. Usually there was a sudden change with the turn of another birthday. The new thing are birthday parties. They have been invited to 3 right now. They have lots of friends at school. They get very excited about their friends parties. It is cute.

Ok I'm rambling I'm heading back to bed to try again after more medicine. I hope everyone is doing good. I'll update soon with pictures.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Icy madness

Well we are iced in here in the 'ville. We got out of school today at 11:15. John was home by 1:00 and we all took a nap. How funny is that???? The kids think it was so cool that we got out of school early.

We were off yesterday because the kids were sick again. Nick Pink eye and Caroline another ear infection. Both are on meds and seem to be feeling better.

I had school last night and got my second paper back with an A!!!!! Whoo Hoo! I found out yesterday that I can take photography 1 and 2 and it will count for the 2 art classes I have to take. I'm very pumped about that. If you know me you know I love pics and to take pics. Next 6 weeks I will be going to school mon, tues and wed nights. I have an extra night bc I have to take a university studies class that is only 1 hour so it only meets 3 times. That is my wednesday night class. I think this will beat sunday mornings 8-12.

I'm really enjoying school. It is going fast so far and I can't wait to finish and have a classroom of my own. The kids are being very supportive. Nick asks every time I get home if I got my name moved(disciplined) or if I made new friends. He is so cute and loving.

That is about it from here for now. Here are a couple pics.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Well after a week of the flu and a cancelled birthday party....I am better, but both kids are running fevers and very grumpy. Just my luck. We had big plans to visit the Uhls' today, but couldn't take the chance on making them sick again!

Here is the run down of the past week.

I had class on Wednesday night, where I got a B on my first essay! Whoo Hoo! I went back to "school" work on Thursday. I am back to work full time in a kindergarten class next door to the kids. It is very interesting and much different from 1st grade. But I'm enjoying it. It is good to be back to work and with the kids all day.

This weekend was busy with lots of homework (for me) and playing for the kids. We had a small family gathering at our house for the kids birthday. We had to cancel the party we had scheduled last weekend so The Potts' family came over this weekend. Here are the cakes they picked out this year. I made these cakes the weekend before and John wrapped them so I wouldn't have to make them again. Needless to say I wouldn't let anyone eat the cake. The kids had fun blowing the candles out several times and cutting the cake (that no one ate).

With our fevers and grumpyness we headed out today to Build a Bear. Caroline's favorite place in the world. Caroline made the new pink rainbow bunny and Nick made a puppy that barks and wags its tail. They are so cute when they get in that store.

Here they are dressing their new animals. Nick chose a Lville shirt, jeans and a leather jacket. Caroline chose a blue striped shirt, denim skirt and shoes.

I took these pictures to try and show how tall the kids have gotten. I can't believe my babies are 6.
I'm hoping everyone will be well enough to go to school tomorrow. I'm heading off to write another essay on Irish drama and the kids are getting ready for bed. My sickness saved you from my emotional*ness of the kids birthday. They had a great birthday despite me having the flu and are very happy to be 6 now. Caroline told me Friday morning on the way to school that she wasn't going to cry anymore bc she is 6 now. How long do you think that lasted??? Not long.

Alright off to do homework. Hope you are all well!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We're 6!

Ok I'm a little late with this post, but I have been very sick. Saturday was the twins 6th birthday. Happy BIrthday to NIck and CAroline and also a very Happy BIrthday wish to Riley whose birthday is also on the 9th.

The kids were very excited about their birthday this year. They wanted to invite the whole class to a party. So we invited the whole class to a pool party at a local indoor pool. It was a hit! Very successful. Most of these pictures are self explainitory.

Here is the Smartcycle. John and I gave the kids this for their birthday. They love it and have played with it nonstop. It has about 6 games that go with it and it plugs into the tv and they pedal to make it go. So they get a little education, a little exercise, and a little fun all in one.

Ok today we are snowed in. School is closed, Humana is closed and we are chillin' out. The kids are outside playing in the snow while it is raining, John is doing some work , and I am updating the blog and doing some school work. They are loving sledding down the front yard today bc we got ice on top of our 4 in of snow. I got it on video I will post later. Right now I'm Getting ready to go lay down for a while. I got sick saturday night and have been in the bed since sunday morning after school. We had to cancel the kids family bday party bc of the sickness and still haven't rescheduled. I haven't been this sick for a very very long time. I think Melanie gave me the flu through the phone. Ha Ha I'm kidding. But I still haven't made it to the dr. Every time I go to Kroger there is a line a mile long and my dr hasn't had any apts for days. I have been up since about 9:00 and it is 11:00 which is the most in 2 days. I do feel a tinsy bit better today. I have been up for two hours and that is a major accomplishment, but I've run down so I'm headed back to bed.

Today I have to write a 600word essay and read another play. Plus work on my algebra. So I'm hoping for another couple of up hours after laying down.

Can you believe my kids are 6???? Me either. It was fun watching them be so excited this year. They were so funny with all their friends. We had 24 show up for the party. So all their friends were there and they had a blast. It was definitely worth all the work to see their faces and how much they enjoyed themselves. Ok I'm rambling. Have a good day!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


If you know anything about me, you know I have horrible luck getting my haircut. That is why I have held on to Ashleigh the babysitter for so many years. Now she is going to school, working, and has a very very serious boyfriend. Needless to say she doesn't have much time to cut and color my hair. Sooooooo I took the kids up to Supercuts last week to get their haircut and scoped out the girls while I was in there. Wow! The one I picked is good!

Here is the new me!

What do you think? I was a nervous wreck. The funny thing is John can't stand to have to deal with me after a bad haircut so he was a nervous wreck too. He was glad to see how excited I was when I got home. Yes I miss Ashleigh, but she is very busy. So I took a chance. Thank goodness it worked out.

The rest of the weekend was good. We had a small party for the superbowl (yeah Giants). The rest of the weekend the kids played outside. The weather has been wonderful, but today it is raining.

So it is raining, I have a 600word essay due tomorrow and I woke up with a horrible headache. I'm hoping the day gets a little better. Ok I'm off to write about Irish Literature. What fun.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Yes I survived 4 hours of Algebra. It was non-stop and intense, but I made it and held my own. She only gave us 5min breaks per hour. It took 4 hours to go over 5 chapters. Whew this one is going to crazy hard. I will survive!!!!

The rest of the weekend has been great. A fairly quiet weekend at home. Got lots of stuff done on Saturday. Even got a haircut, color and my eyebrows waxed. It was great. Valentine's are almost finished and family birthday invites will go out Monday. Whoo hoo!

Caroline seems to be feeling some better. She did ask if she could stay home from school tomorrow. What do you think the answer was?? Nick has had a very busy weekend building trains, playing army man sand box, and baseball. Nothing is going to slow that boy down.

On the agenda for tomorrow is a nice long walk, a 600 word essay, and 3 more chapters in math. Caroline has dance and I'm keeping Amelia for Lesley in the morning. Should be fun.

My goal for the week is to have a better at home week than I did last week. I've got to get this staying home by myself thing down. I know some of you are sitting out there reading this thinking she is crazy. I would love to have the house all to myself for a day. I bet I can guess who is thinking that. I just don't enjoy it. Too quiet, too slow, too by myself. But after much prayer I'm giving this week another chance and I'm going to make the best of it and learn to like it. You're probably asking why don't you get another job? Well, it is possible that there will be a job available at St. Matthews Elem. in the very near future. So John and I are holding out to see if it is in the plan. Plus, I'm getting into this whole school thing again and thought it would be a good time for an adjustment period.

Ok enough about me. Here are some pics of the kids from last week. I haven't downloaded the ones from this weekend. The first one is of their new haircuts. The kids and Sallie all got cuts in the same day.

This is from a few weeks back, but Caroline is trying to make a snow angel. I think she forgot how to. This pic makes me laugh so hard. She is hillarious.

That is all from here. Hope you have a good week.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Long (getting used to ) week!

You all know my full time sub job at school ended on Monday when Jordan left. Everyone keeps telling me it will be fine, but I don't like being home alone. I know I should love the quiet and use the time to get tons of stuff done. I wasted the whole week. I didn't even clean the house. I'm getting my act together this weekend though and not going to do that this coming week.

The good stuff. The kids at school had a party for me Tuesday afternoon. They all made me cards and got me this Thank you Angel. I had such a good time visiting with the kids and getting to talk to them. I miss them all like crazy. I get to wave to them and talk to them occasionally in the halls, but nothing like being with them all day in the room. Oh well, I will get used to it. Here is a pic of the cards and angel.

The kids had a good week at school. The big excitement of the week was "Lunch Bunch" on Friday. This is where they get to eat in the room with Ms. Hunt. If you have to move your name for behavior issues you don't get to participate in lunch bunch. Nick and Caroline got to and they were sooooo excited.

I started school on Wednesday night with my Modern Irish Drama class. It was interesting, but will be a lot of work. I will have a 600 word essay due each week. I can handle it though. I have my first algebra class Sunday morning. I'm a little nervous about the math.

Today Caroline had to go back to the dr. She has another ear infection and is having trouble breathing. I couldn't believe it. She woke up at 4:00am wheezing horribly. So she is doing breathing treatments until she gets better.

We are also looking forward to the Superbowl tomorrow. The kids want to decorate for it and make football cookies. So we are making construction paper footballs and sugar cookies with icing. WE also have a family night movie to watch this weekend too. Busy, busy!

I think that is all for now. Have a good weekend. I will post more pics after our decorating.