Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reading, Reading!!!!

Caroline has started reading in the last week. I am amazed at how many words she knows and what she can figure out. Nick has no interest at this point which is ok. He has lots of time.

Sorry it has been a whole week since I blogged last. The week nights are just so busy. I'm glad it is getting dark earlier bc it doesn't seem as busy. It was a good week. We got good news about Reed. The kids had their first field trip, and I got my acceptance letter from Spalding University.

The kids went to Huber's pumpkin patch on Friday. They got to ride the school bus and now want to ride it everyday instead of riding to school with me. Isn't that funny. They would have to get up an hour earlier. Not happening. They got pumpkins from the field and apples. Got to feed the animals. Caroline said she fed the deer. I'm not sure they have deer, but whatever she says. For lunch they had a picnic with their sack lunches. They were both a hundred miles a minute when they got home.

Saturday we went to the Halloween party at the duck park. It was so very cold, and Nick was scared of everything. Wed night will be interesting. Nick is dressing up as a baseball player and Caroline a cheerleader. Here is a pic of them.

After the park we had a birthday party for John. His bday was on Thurs. The kids planned his party by themselves. It was so funny. They planned games and picked out the cake. I think John had a good time.

Today we went to the kids movies this morning and say Spookley the square pumpkin. It was cute. Then we headed home to rest. Caroline started coughing and running a temp last night and got up with it this morning. I'm hoping we can make it through the whole week of school. We haven't made it through many so far.

We got to meet Baby Katherine last weekend and I never posted her picture. She is very cute and fun to hold. They all seem to be doing well. They are coming back next week for Beth's birthday.

I think that is all from here. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Have a good week.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Migraine, Migraine

go away....don't come back another day. I have spent the whole day with a very bad migraine. I painted a desk in the garage yesterday and I think that is why I have one and why it is so bad. Oh well live and learn.

It was a good weekend other than today. We got to meet Baby Katherine and she is gorgeous. I love holding, feeding, and changing newborn babies. She seems to be a very good baby. Beth did pull a "muri" and ask me to lay her down (babywise) so she could get some sleep.

We also went to the schools Pancake breakfast on Sat morning. The cakes were awesome and the kids got to see some of their friends. The funny thing was Mr. Leffert (the principal) was wearing jeans and that seemed to be the talk of the day. How funny kids are. They have heard me talk about not wearing jeans to work, bc he doesn't like them and never wears them to school.

Lots of thoughts and prayers are going out the Uhls' family tonight and tomorrow. Baby Reed will have his EGD in the morning to try to find the reason for his "vomitting" . Our prayers are they find the problem tomorrow so he doesn't have to have any more test. LOts of love, hugs and kisses to you guys.

HOpe everyone had a good weekend.

PS I can't find my camera right now so I will post a pic of Baby Katherine tomorrow.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

No more stitches

We went to the dr on Tues to have stitches checked and he told us if they hadn't broken by Thurs I would need to cut them. Well, we did that tonight. After much crying we finally got them all cut. They all came out, but one. Here is a pic of her after removing them.
Right now we are watching news bc we have tornado warnings and strong storms coming through. We did manage to get a walk in before the storms started. Wrapping up another week of school tomorrow and looking forward to a good fun filled weekend.
Aunt Carol has been in the hosp this week due to her heart. Please pray for her. We miss her and wish she was closer so we could visit and hug her. So Aunt Carol we send XOXOXOXOXOXO's from all of us. HOpe you feel better soon. I love you!

Monday, October 15, 2007

New hairdo!

After a small adjustment with Caroline's bangs she headed to school today with no stitches showing. Nobody asked her about them and she was happy about that. We follow up with the plastic surgeon tomorrow morning. She is NOT excited about seeing him again. I will let you know how the apt goes.

Short post today bc we are trying to get to bed and not much going on here. Hope everyone is doing good!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


After falling on the playground yesterday at school this is what Caroline looks like.

We spent 7hours in the er and got about 15 stitches. She was not a good patient and it obviously took forever. She is fine and feeling great today. I'm amazed she isn't constantly touching it, but she isn't

After another week of sickness we finally got out of the house today and had some fun. We had breakfast at Denny's (the kids loved it), then home to clean up a little and see Grandma, then to the park for some fall pictures, then toys r' us for a prize for Caroline, then to the driving range to hit some balls. After all of that we came home and watched a little tv, Grandma came over for dinner, then we played Charades for kids. If you don't have this game it is sooooo funny. Try it. The kids play it at school in music.

Here are a couple of my favorite from our photo shoot today.

This last one is my daredevil daughter trying to ride her bike without training wheels. Yes the day after she has to have stitches. What can I say she recovers quick.
Enjoy the pictures! Love you all!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The smell of....


As I sit at the table writing this lysol is all I can smell. I have sprayed and wiped every touchable surface in this house. I had Nick back at the dr today. He has another ear infection and is still having trouble with his asthma. He woke up at 3:00 am with a headache which freaked me out. Talked to the dr at 5:00am and she said he would need to be seen. NO strep which is good. We are so over the sickness. John spent mon and tues in bed with an URI. So much for our 5 days off. We didn't do anything but lay around and nebulizer treatments. The dr recommended the lysol again even though I had already used it. Hopefully we will be back to normal very soon.

We broke down tonight and went for a walk. The cool air is good for Nick and it felt sooooo good out. Here are some shots I got.

Ok blog is not letting me post pics. I will try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

trophy time

Last night was Nick's last baseball game. Finally, we will get a small break. I was worried about letting him play, but he was very insistent. The team is having a pizza party next tues night at the ball field. He is looking forward to that. They don't give out trophies for fall ball so....John and I bought one last year and we did it again this year. I'm a sucker what can I say. So here is Nick with his new trophy.

I think we might be getting over all the sickness. We have been back in school for 2 days. This morning I couldn't wake the kids up. They were completely unresponsive. Totally freaked me out. The dr gave me medicine for their cough that would make them sleep. We took it Monday night and it didn't bother them. Well Tues night it totally knocked them out. I tried everything this morning to wake them and couldn't. After a call to the dr I had to just sit and wait for them to wake up. They told me there wasn't anything I could do. Needless to say we won't be taking that medicine anymore.

Tomorrow is Tiger Fun Fest at school (field day) so I will be taking my camera and hopefully getting some good pics of the kids. Today they met their 5th grade buddies and made cookies in their classroom for them. They thought that was totally cool. They went out to the playground and played with them. I'm not really sure what the purpose of the buddy is, but I'm sure I will figure it out soon.

Hope everyone is doing well. More to come tomorrow!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Quick update

Just wanted to update everyone on our sickness. I had Caroline back at the dr this morning bc she coughed until 5:00am. She now has a double ear infection and bronchitis. Whoo hoo! Needless to say they both stayed home from school today with Helen and are very grumpy. I went on to work since I have fri, mon, and tues off. Hopefully everyone will be better very soon!