Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Day!


We started our weekend off with ball practice. It was a gorgeous morning so Nick needed to wear his sunglasses. He is playing coach pitch this year on the Braves. John is not head coach but helping Coach Mike.

Today was opening day. The kick-off parade was this morning, but our team didn't participate because the weather wasn't very nice. The boys practiced in the backyard this morning then we headed to the ballpark. Nick did great in the field, and ok batting. He hit off the tee the first at bat, and off the pitch the second. He played pitcher and got an out at home. He was very excited. He also got to play second base and lets just say it was a little crowded. For some reason all the kids kept running there.

Check out these tears! While the boys were practicing Caroline accidently hit Nick with the bat.

That is all tonight. I will post more tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter and more!

First let me tell you a very funny story that only I could do. Friday I was boiling eggs for us to color and I burnt a dozen. You ask how do you do that? Well, let me tell you. I put them in to boil and walked away to straighten house, write a paper, and take care of the kids. I started smelling something and walked into the kitchen to find no water in pan and eggs with brown spots. Yes you can laugh. I still can't believe I did it. After burning the eggs we went to eat at our friday night spot (O'charleys) then to Helen and Dave's.
Saturday morning we colored eggs with Baby Katherine. She is now 6months old. Nick is her favorite and when he walks into the room she stops whatever she is doing to watch him. She is starting to coo alot too. CAroline spent much time reading to her which she loved.

This sums up the egg coloring. I forgot to take pics of the kids baskets, but they got swimsuits, goggles, sunglasses, flip flops, chalk, and a ring toss game. We went to Helen and Dave's on Sunday and I turned on the battery and it died. So I have no pics of Easter day! I can't believe it.

Saturday night we had family movie night which I also didn't get any pics of. We watched the Bee movie and it is great. We had these treats which were very good. I haven't decided what to watch for the next movie night, but I'll let you know. I will tell you the kids love it. They have a lot of fun with the treats and props.
I was in Dee's on Saturday and they have these that I'm dying for and I want these for Nick and these for Caroline. Then I found these when I went to the website for the above link. Lots to save for.
On to classes. All of them are hard, but for different reasons. In photography it is hard to enlarge the pictures and get them to look right. It is also difficult to take 3 or 4 rolls of film each week. I can tell you that I would never develope my own film. It is too much work and takes too long. Last night was so frustrating. I was trying to enlarge a pic of legos and I couldn't get it right. Tonight I have ethics and what about that isn't hard. This week I had to read 6 stories and write 1page summaries of each. That is not including the other projects we have to do before the end of the 6weeks. It is a good thing I'm not working at school right now. I took me all day yesterday and today to get the papers done. Oh well only 4 more classes. I can do anything 6 times.
Nick has recovered from his surgery and is doing great. He really enjoyed his time at home with me by himself. We really enjoyed each other. He went back to school Monday and was glad to see all of his friends. They all missed him.
Caroline got her dance recital costume yesterday. Are you ready? Sorry I will have to show it to you tomorrow. I don't have time to take the pics before I leave for school. I will tell you it is red. and very cute.
That is all for today.
PS if someone doesn't start leaving me some messages I'm going to quit blogging!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Nick had his surgery yesterday and did awesome. He was a great patient, did well with the anesthesia, and was very brave. He has already regained some hearing. We are so excited. Nick is out of school until next Monday recovering. We are enjoying being home spending time together. He is still having some pain in his ears and throat. The nurse said this is normal and will last a couple more days. He is taking pain meds and ibuprofen.

On to the weekend. We had a great weekend. Friday night the kids had a sleepover with a tent made by the best tent maker They watched Ratatoiulle (or however you spell it) On Saturday morning we ran around town taking pictures for my photography class that started monday. It was a family affair. Caroline had my digital camera, I had my film camera, and John and Nick were along for the ride. Caroline is so into taking pictures. It is kind of funny to listen to her give directions. We got some good pictures and made our first trip to the skate park. Here are the kids at the skate park they skated like they were sledding.
this is Caroline's favorite pic she took. She is kissing the camera. Hillarious.

AFter taking our pictures we headed to Helen and Dave's to spend some quality time. The kids had been wanting to go to their house so they really enjoyed it.

Sunday the girls kept the kids and John and me went to finish my pictures by ourselves. We had a lot of fun walking around downtown looking for great pictures to take. Then we went home to hang out as a family. It was a great weekend.

My classes started on Monday. This 6 weeks I'm going mon, tues, and wed. It is going to be a very busy session. I was very happy to discover the pictures I took turned out. I'm anxious to see them printed, which I will get to do next Monday.
That is all for now I'm going to pick Caroline up from Art club then heading to school tonight. Hope you are all doing well.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Ok I have no idea what is going on with my 6yo little man, but yesterday we went to get haircuts and he looked at me and said, " Mom I want a cool haircut." This from the boy that hates to get his haircut and always complains and cries about it. He sat down on the bench and looked through a hairstyles book and picked one out.

This is how he came home. A snip and some gel. He loves it and I think it is hillarious. Last night before he would let me wash it he made sure he was going to be able to "fix it " again today bf school.

Caroline also got a new do that she picked out. I love it. It was her decision to go this short. It is so bouncy and curly in the back.

This isn't a great picture but she was busy playing frisbee with Grandma so it's all I got. She looked very cute before school today.
Today, I'm heading down to campus to pick up my financial aid check, then to Chuck Rubins to get a 35mm camera, then to SME for Mrs. Armstrong's class play at 2:00. Then when John gets home we're going to get a treadmill. Then I'm going to chain myself to it until I loose the weight I want. Ha Ha We all know that isn't going to happen. I'm going to try real hard though. Alright I gotta get going. Have a good day!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

An *AWESOME* Foot!

Can you believe it???? We have a foot of snow. It has been awesome and my kids love it. We have had so much fun. We played in the yard this morning then went across the street and went sledding down the embankment. Sledding makes you feel so much like a kid. We went to the hill across the street last night after dark and had a blast. There weren't alot of other sledders there. Here are a few pics from our adventures.

I have started this post many times bc it wouldn't let me post pictures. So here is the 14in of snow we got and believe it or not it was gone by Tuesday. It was fun while it was here and nice now that it is gone.

Today I took Nick to the ENT to have his hearing checked. He has 30% hearing loss in both ears. To correct this loss he has to have another set of tubes and his adnoids taken out. We are having this done next Tuesday. Please pray that he has full recovery of the lost hearing. The dr told me today that he hears like he is under water and his brain couldn't process what he was hearing to learn to read. This is hopefully going to fix all the problems he's been having.

Caroline started art club at school today. They learned how to draw several flowers and she was very excited when she got home. After dinner we played outside for awhile. It is so nice out today. Enjoy the pictures of our snow. I will check in again soon.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

60 and beautiful!

I hope everyone had as wonderful a day as we did. It is warm and beautiful. There was a blue sky and we were outside all day. The kids loved it.
Of course Nick had to get in some sliding practice today. Check out the knees.

And play in the sand. Which is now good and wet from the bad weather. Caroline played on the swing set and climbed a couple of trees. All of us enjoyed being out.

I am finally feeling much better and hope to stay this way. The kids both have croup but they can go to school with it. CAroline started feeling bad this morning, but after a breathing treatment, and some aspirin she had a good day!

Finally, this is a pic from our last family movie night. Betcha can't guess what we watched???? Spy kids. Get it???? disguises!

That is about all from here. I have finals this week. I have an A in Lit and a B in Algebra. Looking forward to my next set of classes.

Have a good week!