Monday, February 27, 2006

just wanted all of you to know there probably won't be any pics today. The kids and I have the flu or a close version of something. We are all cuddled up in the bed together feeling really bad. Hope everyone else is doing well! Have a Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Just a quick note to let you know what is going on here. Nick is having trouble with his we are taking it easy. He woke up Saturday with is "asthma cough" which actually sounds like a barking dog. Beth and Chris came home for the weekend to show off their new dog Missy! So we spent the day (Saturday) with Beth and Grandma at Kohl's shopping then headed back to Grandma's to play cards and have dinner. In all the craziness I forgot to take a pic of the dog, but here is Nick laying on the couch watching Wallace & Gromet (I think that is what it was). He just didn't feel good, so he would have watched anything.

Today (Sunday) we are staying in pj's and laying around. Trying to keep Nick calm is a challenge, but is what he needs. The second picture is the kids using their new paint brushes that Aunt Mel told us about. They love them. Hopefully we will have more tomorrow. If everyone is ok we are going to spend the day with Melanie for my birthday. Yeah, if we get too! I hope so I have been looking forward to it. Have a good Sunday!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just a quick post to let you know what is going on. John went to work today...he is still not 100%. I woke up with a migraine. I took Caroline to dance class, then Nick and I came home and waited to go back and pick her up. They have posted recital dates and everyone is getting excited about it. I hope that she dances and doesn't get scared. I haven't taken any pictures the last two days. Yesterday was spent taking care of John.

Hope all is well!
The Potts'

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

chocolate Banana popsicles!

It was a big day here. We had church this morning. Got home took a nap. When I woke up John was laying beside me with a fever, chills, and aches. I am praying he doesn't have the flu! I fixed the kids dinner and then we made Chocolate Banana Popsicles from one of their favorite books "No more cookies". If you like bananas they look pretty good. They are in the freezer right now and the kids are anxiously waiting for them to freeze. John is in the bed. In the 7 years we have been together I have never seen him just lay in the bed.

The picture of Caroline is her licking the chocolate off the stick. The one of Nick is him dipping his last banana in the chocolate. In case you are wondering, we are studying this that start with the letter B this week. B for Banana. What fun.

Hope everyone is well! DD we are glad Steve got home safe and sound and we have Jason in our prayers for a safe return home.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Farm Machinery show

John Deere Green.....It was everywhere today. We took the kids to the tractor show. Nick was so excited. They let the kids climb on and sit on everything. We took lots of pictures. Nick's favorite were the 2 big green tractors and Caroline's favorite were the tractors with doors. There was even on with a sunroof...yes a sunroof.

After the show we came home took a nap, then grandma, grandpa, and Doug came over for dinner. We are watching the olympics now and U of L comes on at 9:00. We are going to play a game called triominos. I'll let you know how that goes and who wins.

Enjoy the pictures.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Friday! Not much going on here. We played tennis this morning and hung out at home in the afternoon. The rest of the kids birthday presents came today. Bean Bag Loungers. Don't they look cute sitting in them. They are watching Little Bill. Not one of my favorite cartoons. The big event of the day....Caroline got tired of waiting on me to fix her lunch...I was trying to change my clothes from she fixed her own sandwich. Ham, cheese and mustard included. She is getting to big!

Hope all of you have great weekends. We love and miss you all!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

4 year check ups!

Our new four year olds had their checkup today. It was crazy. After weighing and measuring there was peeing in a cup. Whoo hoo! That is always stress free for Mom. Then all the questions...can you hop on one foot, can you draw a square, a stick person, a circle, etc. Then we wait for the dr...wait...wait...wait...wait. Aw there she is. The kids love Dr. Abbott. Everything check out great. They are healthy, growing big kids. I took a few pictures before visit, before shots, after shots, after visit. Hope you enjoy them.

I found some long sleeve nightgowns for Caroline and they came in the mail yesterday. This is a picture of her last night before bed in her new gown and Nick's rain boots.

Enjoy! The first picture is before shots, the one on the left is after shots...see the bandaids, the one on the right is when we are leaving.

These are before we went for our visit. Check out Caroline's rain boots. And Nick's sunglasses on his head. These kids crack me up.

Daddy fixed Nick's hair after their bath tonight. Isn't it crazy! This picture is for Melanie...What do you think? I hope I did good. You know John and I can't do these things without you!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Day after Valentine's Day. I tried to post last night and it would not let me for some reason. For those of you that check the blog everyday and are disappointed because I haven't updated I am very sorry. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

It has been a crazy few days. We had the kids birthday party, we are still dealing with Caroline and her sickness, and Nick work up this morning with his asthma cough and wheezing. So here is our update.

The kids had a great birthday. This year we had a book birthday. So they got lots and lots of books. Actually we have enough reading for a month or so. I'm sure the library will miss us. Caroline had a Cinderella cake and Nick had a Firetruck cake, made by Mom. This is a tradition we started and I plan on keeping for as long as possible. We have this neat little cake supply store we like to go to. We get all our cake toppers here. We were joined by all the potts' family, Doug, Ashleigh (sitter), and David and Nancy. It was a great day.

Sunday and Monday were pretty low key. Trying to get Caroline to rest is like pulling teeth and she is as grumpy as a woman in labor. So, it hasn't been loads of fun.

Yesterday, Valentine's Day, we took Caroline back to the dr. She had to have her finger pricked, not once, but twice. She was very brave and didn't even cry. For those of you that know me I would not hav e been as brave as she was. We are not really sure what is going on with her, but her white count is good. We go back Thursday for 4 yr check ups and the dr said we would see how she was then. After the dr we rushed to the tennis club for their first tennis clinic. It was so cute. They complained the whole way and once we got there they never looked back at me. Then on the way home they were a hundred miles a minute about how much fun they had. They did really good. And they got a sucker when they were finished.

Today we are resting and decorating for St. Patrick's Day. When the kids get up from their nap we are going to Big lots (our favorite store) to see what fun stuff they have.

HOpe everyone is doing good. Hopefully, things will calm down soon and I will post again tomorrow.

Just to let you know...I forgot to clear my memory
stick before the kids birthday so I ran out of memory that day, then I ran out of memory during tennis. So that is why there are not more pictures.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Caroline, Nicholas & Riley. How often is it the great friends have babies on the same day 2 years apart. Well, Melanie and I did it. It is fun getting to share birthdays and I think it is just a neat bond for the kids.

John has been out of town since tuesday so I felt bad because he wasn't here for the kids bday....SO I had a little present for them when they got up this morning. They got big magna doodles, coloring book, movie, and bouncy balls. They love those things. They bounce a bunch at one time and they go everywhere. It is crazy. After breakfast we got ready and went to Melanie's to celebrate. (Aunt Carol don't say anything to Granny about that. we were going to suprise her on the way home and stop to visit, but we think Caroline has pink eye). Monday we went to the dr for ear infections and Caroline's eye was red, runny, and goopy. Well, after we got to Mel's today it got worse. Then we took her temp and it was 100.4. I called the dr and had to wait for them to call me back. I decided we needed to get home and get Caroline some meds and some rest and I didn't want to give anything to Riley. So home we headed where we all took a 2 hour nap. Yes Mom included. We got up, ordered pizza and waited for Daddy to get home.
He finally arrived about 9:30. They were do excited to see him. Nick just kept say "I missed you Daddy". Isn't that cute.

Now we are trying to get them to bed, the nap isn't helping matters. We are having a party for them on Saturday if Caroline's eye is better. And Riley is having a party at his house. All in all I think the kids all had great birthdays.

Oh yes, I found out today we have some readers we didn't know about. So hello Shannon. I think it is great that you are keeping up with us.

In all the craziness at Mel's I didn't take any pictures there so you will need to check her blog to see pics of all the kids.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Things have been crazy here. We are getting ready for birthdays...the twins and Riley's. I did something to my back and John has gone on a business trip. Like I said crazy!

We worked at church this morning, then rushed home for a nap. The kids both have ear infections and colds. So they were ready to rest. When we got up from our nap, I finished the birthday invitations. I am so late getting them finished I thought I better hand deliver them instead of using the post office. I told the kids we would do something special today after naps and they chose to go to the library. Here are pictures of them reading the books they checked out.

Hope everyone is well! I have to get the kids to bed. I will post more tomorrow.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday is dance day. Nick and I planned on going to the bookstore to play with Thomas the train, but Caroline forgot her dance bag. We had to go back home, get it and take it back. Needless to say there was no time for the bookstore before she was finished. So we went to Stein Mart instead. Where we found these really cool dress up hats. Incase you can't tell Nick's is a fire hat and Caroline's is a princess. I also found great books on sale 50% off. It was great since we are having a book birthday part. NO toys. We got back just in time to pick Caroline up.

After dance we went to the cake store to get toppers for their birthday cakes. Nick's is a fire truck. Caroline wanted the Cinderella, but they were out. They called this afternoon to let me know they came in so we will be making another trip tomorrow. But of course just like a girl she has changed her mind. Now she wants ballerina Barbie. Isn't that great. Who knows what we will end up with. After the cakes it was the book store. We played Thomas, looked at the new Backyardigan books and did a little holocaust research.

John got home at 4:00 so I could teach my scrapbooking class tonight. It went really good. Everyone (that is 6 people) got 2 pages done each. They are required to do 20 pages over 8 weeks. They are a very, very talkative group, which makes it more fun than the last class.

The pictures of the kids are of there birthday hats. Who wants paper hats when you can have dress up hats we can use later for fun and school.

PS: someone PLEASE buy me a tv tray for the bathroom for my birthday. This computer gets hot in your lap. (Melanie quit laughing at me)

My computer says it is officially 1:15am and Caroline is still playing leapad. DD she is coming to stay with you for a couple months. Maybe you could straighten her out.
Love and miss all of you!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy Wednesday! Today was sort of slow. We had school. CAroline did an ABC dot to dot by herself and got all the letters up to "s". Which I thought was very impressive. Nick did 123 dot to dot. 1-5 by himself. They seem to be doing very good in school. Caroline's vocabulary is outstanding. She told Nick last night if he continued to stand up in the chair there would be consequences. She cracks me up!

The big event of the day was the dishwasher leaking while I was running it. This picture is of them trying to clean up the water. They thought they were really doing something.

Hope everyone has a good day!