Saturday, October 23, 2010


Look at that face! Red hair, green eyes and that look! You would never know just by looking at this picture that he is a child with special needs. This post has been on my heart for a long time. We knew something wasn't right the 2nd week of 1st grade (which has been 2years ago). After a lot of testing, doctor visits, and meetings at school Nick was diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing disorder, anxiety disorder, dyslexia, and ADHD. We started a roller coaster of medicines, interventions at school, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and psychology apts.

This year we moved Nick to Friends School and he is repeating the 2nd grade. He loves his new school and is doing well academically. He has made friends very easily in his new class and enjoys going to school everyday. That was not the case last year. Friends school is a fully inclusive school and most of the 8 boys 1 girl in Nick's class have some of the same diagnosis' as Nick.

After many meetings and much talking the team of doctors that work with us have decided Nick may have a metabolic disorder and his original diagnosis of ADHD may not be right. We will be seeing a Psychiatrist that specializes in these medications in December. Most likely Nick will have genetic testing at that time. They tell me this is the only way to tell if there is a metabolic disorder. The reason they think Nick might have a metabolic disorder is because he doesn't metabolize ADHD medicines the way other kids do. We have been through all the medicines and the only one he gets benefit from is a patch that goes on his hip and is absorbed through the skin therefore not metabolized first.

As a mom this is very difficult for me. I want so bad to be able to "fix" my son. Yes I know he is not dying as I am constantly reminded and it could be much worse. But to look at the issues Nick has and not be able to "fix" them is so frustrating. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get us through until we see this new doctor. I have decided to keep his medicines the same until then because we see crazy side effects if we change them. So I started doing research to see if there are any alternative things we can do to help him. Like diet.

I love this little boy so very much and I know God gave him to me for a reason. I also know this will make all of us stronger and wiser one day....

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melodie said...

Wow. Great post. Great pic. Great message.

Nick is a blessing. He is lucky to have you for a mama. Glad this year is going better...