Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It is 12:31 and I promised myself I wouldn't stay up after 12:00. So much for that. I have been sitting here since 1:30 today working on projects for school. When Caroline asked me to help her get past a level on her DS I had to say no. When Kruser wanted to play I couldn't, when John wanted me to help clean up and get kids to bed I couldn't. My bottom (butt) is attached to this couch now and can not get up until everything is done. Ask me is it done now that you are writing on your blog?????? NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!

I'm starting to think I might not ever be finished with these 4 classes. You wouldn't think 4 classes could cause so much trouble ahhhhh but they do. It's that whole education major that causes the problems and make the hoops I have to jump through. Just so you're not worried I'm procrastinating again I'm just taking a little brain break. Trying to clear out some stuff so I can actually think. I'm getting close! In the last hour I have written 2 position papers. I think that rocks and it is 2 more things I don't have to do tomorrow. I do although have to observe my favorite teacher in the world tomorrow and so how hard can that be? I will get to be in my favorite classroom with my mentor teacher for 6 hours plus I might get to eat lunch with my little lady. Who yes is feeling better tonight.

I'm so looking forward to having all my projects completed and turned in so I can concentrate on my kids and this new dog that has fallen in love with me. (that was not supposed to happen). I want to cook a Potts' Family Thanksgiving for my family this weekend and not one time have to say I have to do homework. In case you didn't know it is a tradition in our house that we fix thanksgiving dinner usually the week before or week after for just the 4 of us. The kids get to help and I get to be giddy about making happy holiday memories with my children. No they would much rather have chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes, but they indulge me once a year and let me get all excited about cooking for them. In my brain right now I don't know if I will be finished with all my projects and have all assignments turned in but I guess that is why I'm up writting position papers at midnight to try my very best to get it all done. So my brain can be free of the unusually large amount of stress it has been carrying around lately.

So I guess the only way I'm going to meet my goal of a homework free weekend is if I get off here and get to another task. I do have a sweet picture for you. you know my babies are the most beautiful babies in the world and have completely stolen my heart. He is asleep in my arms at 9:00 sweating like you would not believe. But he is so peaceful and we can't say that every night. So I treasure the moments when he sleeps like this. You can't see but out to the side he is holding my hand. I told you....he holds my heart in his hands.

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melodie said...

so precious. Love the pic.