Sunday, February 22, 2009

Father/Daughter Princess Snowball Dance 2009

Isn't she gorgeous. THey had so much fun. THere were about 300 Dads/Daughters at the dance. THis is her corsaige.

WE ate at Texas Roadhouse before they dance with Kris (GS leader with me) and her Husband Matt and daughter Maddie. THe girls were so cute and everyone kept asking if they had been in a wedding.

THe girls did a lot of picking each other up while "dancing". I'm not real sure why.

Caroline did dance with John quite a few times. Some of the girls wouldn't dance with their dads.

THis is before we left.

The pictures aren't great bc my camera quite working when I tried to take pics of her getting ready so we went to the camera store bc I though it was a memory card issue, but wasn't so I bought a cheap point and shoot for last night.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday!

Wow! I can't believe how fast the last 7 years have gone by. Last Monday the kids celebrated their birthday. It was a day of reflection for me. Remembering how I felt when I saw them for the first time, how it all happened, Granny cooking breakfast, the pain, how bad the pain was, how beautiful they were when they were born. It was hard for me to put my thoughts into complete sentences. I love them both so much and in so many different ways. I could not have asked for more wonderful kids.

THis year they decided to have seperate birthday parties. During the power outage we decided a pj, movie party would be fun so we borrowed a projector and hung a sheet on the wall in the basement and it was very cool. Nick had 7 friends over and watched Star Wars Clone Wars and Caroline had 6 girls and watched High School Musical. Not much watching happened but everyone had fun.

Monday they took cupcakes to school for each class and Grandma and Pa-paw came over for dinner. I have created several traditions over the years for their birthday, but I had to let some of them go this year realizing there was so much other stuff going on I didn't have time. One of those traditions was special cake toppers on small bday cakes and making their invitations. So we handed down the invitation tradition to Aunt Mel and I still made small cakes they just didn't have special toppers.

Here are the pictures:

FOr some reason I didn't get as many of the girl party as I did Nick's Oh yeah because they were just running around screaming. Oh they were loud.

Friday, February 13, 2009


COmputer is fixed (for free I might add) I have a ton of great pictures that go back to 1st week of January. Here we go hang on:

Cheerleading with the Princess

Caroline and BFF Mollie before first game. Cute aen't they?

Ah yes she can shake those things.

Next we have family sledding in an ice storm that knocked out our power for 6 days.

Yes we are dummies from going down this hill with freezing rain hitting us.

Nick's got it going on then oh no:

He looses it and flips over.
That takes us up through the ice storm. I want to do a seperate post for their birthdays. Glad to be back and blogging again! I've missed cyberworld.