Saturday, June 28, 2008

Busy week!

Well, it was a very busy week around here. John left Monday morning for Las Vegas and the convention he goes to every year in June. He made is safely home this morning at 4:00 am. Needless to say it was a long day and night for him.

Monday we visited with the Dean's, Barfield's, and Uhls' in Bowling green. We swam most of the day then went back to visit at "Aunt Judy's" house. DD and all the girls are here visiting. Caroline was very intrigued by Leigha and Anna Brooke (the older girls) and Nick and McKenna seemed to bond. I enjoyed all of them, but it was especially fun to watch the little ones. Sara Kate is 6months older than Reed. Here are the pictures.

Here is Caroline flipping on the bar in gymnastics. She is really enjoying it and is thinking about not dancing next year.

Wednesday we spent the day in L'urg. Aunt Carol's son Chris is getting married today so Granny left on Thurs. We swam at Kim's and visited with Grandaddy. We didn't get home until late again.

Thursday we hung out at the pool and then Kim, Jill, and Skylar got here around 11:00 so we could take them to the airport Friday morning to go to Florida for the wedding.

Friday it rained during the day so we went to Gattiland and played then in the evening we went to the pool. That is about it for our week by ourselves. We didn't have any major problems and overall it was a nice week.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Pianist

Caroline's Piano recital was tonight and she did fabulous. She didn't make any mistakes and wasn't very nervous. She also looks gorgeous in the dress she picked out with Aunt Mel. Here are my favorite shots and the video. Enjoy.

Again Nick insisted on wearing a tie. He reminds me of Michael J Fox in Family Ties. John and I have no idea where he came up with the idea of wearing one, but he is all about it.

Happy Birthday Aunt Carol!

Happy Birthday Aunt Carol. Hope you have a great day!

Love us!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day! and review

We had a great week and hope you did too. Ms. Hunt came over on Wednesday morning to work with Nick. He did great and she is planning on working with him twice a week. Aren't they cute????
I started my job at the Mother's Day Out this week. It is good. Not something I want to do long term, but good experience and the kids are adorable.

I told you last week Nick was having trouble with his leg. We saw the doctor on Monday and his hips are out of alignment. She couldn't get them back in and keep them in so we are going to have physical therapy for a while. He needs some core strengthening and hopefully they will go back in and stay. She thinks this is from wearing his cleats every single day. She talked to him about cleats not being shoes we wear all the time and that he should only wear them when he is playing a ball game. He has made it 7 days now without a ball uniform or cleats on. Whoo hoo! We haven't started therapy yet, hopefully this week. He is still walking funny, but hasn't been complaining of pain.

Friday night Caroline was invited to a birthday party/sleepover. Here she is leaving. No she didn't make it for the sleepover, I didn't figure she would, but she had a great time. Nick told me he missed her before we even got out of the driveway from dropping her off.

We are dog sitting Lucky for Helen and Dave while they are gone to the beach. She has been good so far. Sallie is enjoying having someone to play with.

Yesterday we spent the whole day at the pool with Dad then went to dinner at the Captain's Quarters last night. It is a great place where you can eat outside and watch the boats on the river. The boats can drive up and eat or get a to go order. The kids really enjoyed it.

Then we went to Kohl's for John to pick out his Father's Day gift. The kids were really upset about him being with us, but he wanted new tennis shoes and a couple golf shirts. I'm good, but not that good.

When we got home the kids decided to put on a show with the hoola hoop.

Nick just learned to do this and he is very proud of himself. Enjoy!

You probably noticed Nick's tie in the other pictures. We are not sure why, but he wanted to wear a tie last night to dinner.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

And the winner is??????

Everybody and NObody. The game was called during the 2nd inning because the coaches and a bunch of parents were fighting and yelling in the middle of the field. It was ridiculous. John and I were so unprepared for the competivness of the other team. We were tied in the 2nd inning so it was suggested they be co-champions.

So Nick got a trophy and medal and is happy about that.
This is what the other team's sideline looked like. We felt it was a little overboard.
Nick is having trouble with a hip and knee so we are going to the dr in the morning. He has been limping for the last couple of days and today it is worse and he is in some pain. He only had to bat once during the game so he was ok. I'll let you know what the outcome is tomorrow.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

2nd at bat video (goes with previous post)

This is his 2nd at bat. The 3rd didn't turn out so I'm not going to post it. I will post tomorrow after his game at 1:00 to let you know if we win or not.

Semi Finals

Nick played the semi final game today and won. HE scored the winning run and batted great. I have 3 videos to post of his batting, but will have to do them on different posts. Enjoy.

Here is his 1st at bat. He was running slow as a turtle because his knee is bothering him. If not better tomorrow I guess we will go to the dr.

Tuesday night we went to Tony Boombozz (best pizza in town) for kid night. They have Gilbet the balloon guy and he makes balloon animals for the kids. He is very good. The kids really enjoyed themselves. The Hoagland's joined us for all the fun.

Friday night we attended a wedding for Phyllis and Dallas Prince's daughter (long time friends of Helen and Dave). We all had a great time.

HEre is Nick leaving for his 1st tennis lesson. He really enjoyed it and did great. I was afraid baseball would make it hard for him, but it didn't.

Tomorrow Nick has the Championship game and then has been invited to a friends to play. We play against the Cardinals (the armstrongs team the teacher I worked with at school) they are very good so we are expecting a close, good game. Good luck to the Braves! Let's Go Braves.

Here is Nick's favorite part about playing the tournament. Yes that is the scoreboard.