Saturday, June 23, 2007

San Diego here comes Dad!

Lots going on here. It was a great week spending time with friends. We went to Bowling Green to spend Wed. & Thurs. with Melanie, Riley, Reed, DD, Leigha, Anna B, Mckenna, Sara Kate, Judy and Wayne. We went to the pool, played baseball in the backyard, cooked out, and played in the pool on the deck and just spent quality time with great friends. Can you believe I took my camera out and didn't take one picture. I too have left it up to Melanie. Sorry Aunt Mel. You can check her blog I don't think she has updated it yet, but she will when she has time.

We are putting in a new bathroom floor. Nick enjoyed helping his daddy tear up the old floor. They were very cute working together. Caroline and I laid and watched a movie. That is boy stuff. I will be putting the new floor down though! That is girl stuff in this house.

Today Nick had his first big boy baseball game. He did great. I got some great pictures. Grandma and Pa-paw came to watch. Nick had a great time and I felt a little better about it after watching a game. John pitched and coached the outfield. Nick hit 2 off the pitch and had to hit one off the tee. But he did a great job. We are very proud of him.

After the game we went to Indiana to buy fireworks. Nick is crazy about the parachutes. We are trying to stock up bc they close after July 4th. We came home and shot some off. We did save some for Riley. He likes them too. We will get more for the boys when we go to Nashville.

Then John left today for San Diego. We took him to the airport where Nick completely lost it. He sobbed and asked him not to go, then escaped 3 times from the car before I could leave. I was teary anyway and that just set me off. So Nick and i cried for what felt like forever. After calming down we went to Mcdonalds, blockbuster, and the park. Now we are laying in the bed watching Disney Chanel. John has safely made it to Las Vegas and is now on his way to SD.

The kids also played in the sprinkler tonight after watering the flowers. After a shower Caroline asked if she could dry her hair with the "you know that thing that gets hot you use on your hair." Here is the picture. It was so funny.

As you can probably tell we are updating for John. He will be gone until Thurs. A long time. Tomorrow we will be hanging out at home. Maybe swimming, Grandma's, stuff like that. Monday we have 3 dr's apts. Then we are heading to Granny's for a couple of days. She is very excited about our visit and the kids are too. Then back home Thurs. to pick Dad from the airport.

Daddy, enjoy your golf tomorrow. We miss you and love you!

Monday, June 18, 2007


I took a big step today....We bought uniforms for school. Don't they look gorgeous? It took about an hour and a half to pick them out and find sizes. Caroline has decided to wear only dresses (jumpers). She got 2 navy and 3 plaid. The plaid is her favorite. She didn't like the polo shirts and the shirt she has on only comes in white. Nick got navy shorts and pants and light blue and white shirts. They can also wear light yellow, but the store was out of them today. Neither of them wanted to wear brown (khakis). I made it through without crying. Of course that could have been bc it was such a big job. Tonight I'm glad it is over. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I can't believe my kids are this big. Where did the time go?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well alot has been going on!
T-ball was over last Saturday. We had a fun pizza party after the game at the park. The kids had a blast.
Nick started coach pitch on Tuesday. The fact that I was not prepared is an understatement. Coach pitch is BIGGER than tball. Nick is very excited about it though. John is just helping out this time.

We have been going to the pool almost everyday. The kids are still little fish.

We went to the science museum yesterday and had a lot of fun.

John and I are painting the bathroom. He is taking Friday off to help.

The biggest excitement of the week: Nick fell yesterday going up the stairs on the deck and hit his front teeth and busted his lip. We had to take him to the dentist this morning. He scrapped his gums above the front teeth and tore the skin between the gum and lip. His left front tooth is loose and there is still blood between the teeth and gums. Needless to say it hurt. The dentist took xrays and the root is not broken and that is good. We will have to wait and see if it tightens back up. She said it would take some time for the gums to heal and see if there would be any long term damage. Scared me to death.

That is all from here! Hope everyone is doing good.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Big hitter....3rd homerun

Lots has been going on around here since our last post. Nick hit his 2nd homerun while I was in the concession stand on Wed night (30th) and then hit his 3rd homerun on Saturday. He is on cloud 9 these days. We stopped on the way home and got plastic cases for the balls. I dated and numbered them for him. He is very proud to say the least.

The pool also opened on May 26th. You know what that means. We have been swimming like crazy. The big pool is still a little cold, but the baby pool is great when you just need to cool off. WE are all already brown especially Caroline. WE are having a blast like always.

This weekend was the Crusade for Children RC Airshow. IT is great fun and we all like to go. John was golfing, but the kids and I loaded on the sunscreen, grabbed our sunglasses, and water and off we went. It is amazing what these guys can do with a remote control. Nick's favorite are the helicopters. They went out this year for the candy drop and Nick went by himself for the egg drop. If caught you win $260. He didn't win.

Caroline and I have gotten really into art lately. We have found all kinds of cool mediums to use. We create something about everyday. She loves it. We both have sketch books that we are keeping. Yes hers is better than mine. I really love the time we spend doing it.

Here are some of my favorite pics since last post. The one of the right is my new centerpeice Enjoy.