Saturday, July 22, 2006

Nick's last T-ball game

Nick played his last T-ball game this morning. He hit another home run, he got a trophy, and his pictures. He told us 8 times on the way home how much he loved his trophy. Here are pics from today. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The pictures!

Here are the pictures from my last post. Not much here today. Nick and John are going to a baseball game tonight. Hope everyone is doing good!

Ok. That is all I have. Have a good night. I'll blog soon.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hello again....I haven't forgotten I have a blog!

Ok so obviously I'm in deep trouble since I haven't posted since our arrival home from vacation. Sorry. I really have no excuse other than the normal busy life. So I finally had a little quiet time tonight with everyone asleep, yes that includes Caroline, so I thought I would update the blog and get caught up on the 1,040 emails I had. Most pertaining to schooling, but yes that many, It is crazy.

Since we got home from vacation we have got to the pool most everyday, played a lot of T-ball and tennis, and stuff like that. Special things we have done include: A day out with Thomas. The kids loved it again this year. It was 100 degrees again this year, but worth the look on Nick's face when he saw the train. We went to the movies to see Arthur's missing pal. The kids thought that was cool, bc they don't turn the volume up or the lights down all the way. This past weekend Nick hit a home run during his game. They don't get to run all the bases, but he hit it. He is so excited I think he has told every check out person we've seen in l'ville. Their last game is this weekend and then they have a 2 week break before soccer starts. Caroline is very excited about soccer.

We have been having going to bed issues with Caroline since we got back from vacation. Yes even worse than before. So we are dealing with that. Tonight it took a grand total of 10 to get her in bed and asleep. And that was without me laying down with her. Yeah!!!!!!! Ok I'm rambling now. I'm tired. Everyone here is great. Nick is a little bummed about his allergy shots we started last friday, but he is working on it.

John and I had a big outing this past weekend. We went to see Leanne Womack. The concert was great. It was a sit down concert and if you know me that is not me, and lets just say I was a little out of my age group. But we had a great time and the show was awesome. Ok that is all from here.

Mel and Dd we hope you haven't forgotten about us with all the fun your having. I still haven't seen that belly. And we hope we get to see you before you go back to Idaho. But we are glad you are having a great time and relaxing and resting (at least as much as you can with 4 kids around). Hugs and kisses to you all.
Ok for some unknown reason it will not let me add any pics. I will try to post them again tomorrow.